Who is Robin on Chicago Med? Mekia Cox guest-stars in new episode

Mekia Cox as Robin Charles on Chicago Med cast.
Mekia Cox as Robin Charles on Chicago Med . Pic credit: NBC

Mekia Cox returned as Robin Charles on Chicago Med for the latest episode of the show. The Season 4, episode 18 installment was called Tell Me the Truth and involved some very tense moments.

While Dr. Connor Rhodes (played by Colin Donnell) was working on a really important surgery for the hospital, he had an important call come through. After answering the phone when it was presented to him by a nurse, he rushed out of the surgery, leaving everyone stunned about what had just happened.

When Connor came across Dr. Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt) in the hallway, he scribbled a quick note that Robin had been kidnapped. He then rushed to the bank to withdraw money in order to pay for Robin’s ransom.

The great news was that it turned out to just be a scam, but it certainly showed that Connor still has strong feelings for Robin. Connor and Robin used to date, but that relationship didn’t last. Could it spark up again?

Mekia Cox as Robin Charles on Chicago Med

Actress Mekia Cox first appeared as a part of the Chicago Med cast during Season 2 of the show. She has now appeared in 21 episodes, even though some of her episode credits have just included a few lines.

The character of Robin has been more important lately because her mother Caroline Charles (played by Paula Newsome) has been getting treatment at the hospital. It has created a lot of good excuses to have the characters of Robin and Connor cross paths in the halls. It helped a lot that Connor also saved Caroline’s life.

Mekia Cox had been acting for a while before she joined the Chicago Med cast. Her acting credits include stops on Gotham, Secrets and Lies, and Grey’s Anatomy. She also played Princess Tiana on Once Upon a Time.

Chicago Med airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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