Chicago Fire recap: Next steps and relationships

Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide, Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey in Chicago Fire. Pic credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC

Last night’s Chicago Fire felt very much like a bridge episode. We had a few short but important moments happening, but overall it wasn’t a super action-packed or intense installment.

Now that we are getting closer to the finale — only two episodes left this season! — it feels like they’re gearing up to an explosive last hurrah before season’s end.

In the aptly titled What Comes Next, Kidd finally took her lieutenant’s exam, Casey and Severide joined forces to investigate a suspicious case involving sulfuric acid, and Firehouse 51 hosted their annual garage sale. All in all, a usual but mildly forgettable episode.

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Detectives Casey and Severide reporting for duty

These two cannot see anything suspicious on a call that they immediately put on their Sherlock Holmes hats and go off on their own to investigate. This time, the Firehouse 51 team received a call of a structure fire on a factory. It seemed like a regular call that unfortunately had a severely burned victim, but other than that, there was nothing out of the ordinary.

That was until they realized the turnout coats of the Engine 51 guys had some kind of chemical burn on them. Turnout coats are built to sustain a lot, so the fact that something managed to damage their gear is definitely suspicious.

Severide and Casey obviously can’t just ignore a mystery, so off they go back to the fire scene to investigate. They run into the victim’s husband there and soon find out that people were using the site right next to the factory as a dump site. And guess what they found there? A leaking barrel of sulfuric acid.

The victim’s husband tells them he has complained multiple times about people dumping their trash there to no avail. But he has written down some of the plate numbers he caught from people dumping stuff there, and that’s how Casey and Severide find an app truck driver who dumped the barrel that caused all this.

Through the truck driver — after pressuring him a little bit — they find out that it was a company called All Organic Pots and Plants that hired him to dump the barrel. The next day they confront the company owner about it, who reassures them that they do not use any chemicals at all.

But of course, Casey and Severide sense that the guy is lying through his teeth and come up with a plan to catch the guy. In the end, the victim’s husband disrupts the plan by sucker-punching the company owner, but they manage to find several other barrels of sulfuric acid on the company’s premises.

So all is well when it ends well.

Stellaride & Brettsey

Despite being a bridge episode, What Comes Next served the shippers so incredibly well. Severide revealed to Casey that he wants to talk to Stella about getting married. Just to throw the idea out there and see how she feels about it. Casey questioned why he won’t just propose, and Kelly says that Stella has always said that she doesn’t want to get married again, so he just wants to talk to her about the possibility of getting married.

Can we confirm a Stellaride wedding next season already? Place your bets, Stellaride fans. Things are looking good.

Meanwhile, in Brettsey land, Casey is still staring at Brett longingly, especially after the way she supported him through his head injury scare. Upon seeing his friend looking at the paramedic with puppy dog eyes whenever she was around, Severide just asks him why he won’t just do something already.

Casey tells him that Brett was the one who asked for space, so he’s just respecting that. But by the end of the episode, it looks like Casey has changed his mind about that. I am willing to bet that we will most likely see significant progress on the Brettsey front in the last two episodes of the season. What do you think?

Other highlights of Chicago Fire

  • I am still confused about what the point of Veronicat really was. She came and went and we barely saw her. Still scratching my head about that one.
  • Stella Kidd is now Lieutenant Kidd, my friends. What a journey for this badass character!
  • The whole garage sale thing was hilarious.
  • That entire dentist office call was straight out of my nightmares.

Chicago Fire airs on Wednesdays at 9/8C on NBC.

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