Chenoa Maxwell: Who is Angela Simmons’ life coach on Growing Up Hip Hop?

Chenoa Maxwell on Growing Up Hip Hop
Angela Simmons’ life coach on Growing Up Hip Hop is Chenoa Maxwell. Pic credit: WEtv

Angela Simmons has been going through quite a bit in her life over the past couple of years, and as we saw on the latest episode of Growing Up Hip Hop, she’s been consulting with life coach Chenoa Maxwell to help her get through it.

Why does Angela Simmons need a life coach?

It’s been just over a year since Angela Simmons’ ex-fiance Sutton Tennyson was shot and killed in Atlanta. Angela and Sutton were split up at the time, but they still share a son.

As Angela shared with her life coach Chenoa Maxwell on the latest episode of Growing Up Hip Hop, Angela’s son has been asking about his daddy lately, and she has been struggling to talk to him about how his father has passed away, and he’s no longer here.

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The scene was tearful as Angela explained her sadness and the difficulty in explaining to her son that his father is no longer around. Chenoa pointed out that Angela is still grieving, and she agreed.

But Angela sees her life coach for more than just help in getting over the death of her ex-fiance. They also talked about Romeo Miller and their struggles lately to even get along.

Angela opened up about the tension between them, explaining how Romeo is critical of the men she dates, the pictures she posts, and seemingly everything else in her life.

Chenoa Maxwell gave Angela a listening ear and some great insight into how hard it is sometimes to be a woman, and specifically, a woman of color, as she navigates all of the stressors in her life.

Who is Chenoa Maxwell?

Angela Simmons’ life coach, Chenoa Maxwell, is a 50-year-old actress and photographer who has managed to make another career for herself in helping others to live a more prosperous and happy life.

On Instagram, Maxwell bills herself as an emotional and soul intelligence expert with more than 46,500 followers.

Chenoa Maxwell’s life coaching company is called Live Limitlessly, where she offers individual sessions as well as retreats for those who want her help in improving their lives.

Obtaining Maxwell’s help won’t come cheap, though. Individual transformational sessions run $500, and that’s just the beginning. A one-month transformation session is $2,000, and an intensive transformation from Chenoa Maxwell will set you back $6,000.

Chenoa Maxwell spent more than 20 years learning and developing the tools she needs to help herself and others to reach their full potential. A native New Yorker, Maxwell talks of her struggles to cope with childhood abuse and abandonment, leaving to be on her own at just 17 years old.

Now, she takes the tools and growth of her own to help others incorporate her principles into their lives.

Growing Up Hip Hop airs Thursdays at 9/8c on WEtv. 

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