Celebrity Big Brother Power of the Publicist: Does Tamar have it? [Update]

Tamar during a diary room on Celebrity Big Brother
Will Tamar be holding the Power of the Publicist tonight? Pic credit: CBS

The Power of the Publicist is the latest Celebrity Big Brother twist. It was given out yesterday, and as of now, the holder of the game-changing power has remained quiet about it. When it was announced on Sunday night, there were plenty of votes going to Joey Lawrence and Tamar Braxton.

Tonight, the Celebrity Big Brother houseguest who has the power will be revealed. Tom Green is the current Head of Household and the entire game has been back and forth between him and Kato Kaelin winning competitions.

Who has the Power of the Publicist?

Right now, there are only a few things that are certain. The Celebrity Big Brother houseguest with the Power of the Publicist will be able to keep themselves safe from the initial nominations or from being a replacement nomination should someone win the Power of Veto.

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Currently, Joey Lawrence and Kandi Burruss are on the block. This means that neither of them have the Power of the Publicist. It is shocking that the power wasn’t given to Joey because there were plenty of votes for him on Twitter.

The likely scenario here is that Tamar Braxton has the Power of the Publicist. She was neck and neck with Joey Lawrence for votes.

There has been a lot of talk about how Tamar brings the drama to Celebrity Big Brother, especially after her blowout fight with Lolo Jones that shut the feeds down for hours over the weekend.

When is the Power of Veto played?

Today is the day for the Power of Veto to be played. Tom Green has floated around various scenarios in case one of the nominees wins the competition. Ideally, he would like things to remain the same but that doesn’t always happen.

Will the Power of the Publicist change Tom’s whole game?

Update: Tamar Braxton does have the Power of the Publicist and cannot be nominated for eviction at this time.

Celebrity Big Brother returns tonight at 8/7c on CBS.

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