Cashier fails to feel force of Pamela Adlon’s wit as she channels Darth Vader in Better Things Season 2 clip

Pamela Adlon as Sam talking to a cashier on Better Things Season 2
Pamela Adlon’s character Sam Fox jokes with a cashier in a clip from Better Things Season 2

Pamela Adlon’s brilliant noir comedy Better Things is coming back for Season 2 in September — and two new preview clips reveal her dry humor in all its glory.

FX’s amazing series is a poignant and surprisingly heartfelt twist on the family sitcom.

Well received by critics, the show earned the WGA and Critics’ Choice nominations for its first season.

The series revolves around Sam Fox (Adlon), a single, working actor raising three daughters (Mikey Madison, Hannah Alligood, Olivia Edward) in Los Angeles.

Filterless and fearless, Sam is a de facto mother, father, and mediator sandwiched between her three girls and her eccentric English mother, Phil (Celia Imrie), an expatriate, who lives across the street.

Sam has one daughter who might be transitioning and her mother might cognitively be faltering at the same time.

Trying to pay bills, raise kids and manage an unmanageable parent is taking a toll on Sam, but she manages with humor and heart.

In the first video below her character Sam is shopping with daughter Duke (Edward) when she tries to add humor to the situation by doing a Darth Vader impression, speaking into a fan on the till.

She swaps the classic Star Wars line “Luke, I am your father” for “Duke, I am your mother”, but despite her best efforts the cashier doesn’t feel the force of her wit…

In a second clip, Sam politely refuses a drink from a man across the bar.

But when he doesn’t get the message the first time round she mouths bluntly: “I have a d***.”


Better Things returns for Season 2 on Thursday, September 14 on FX.

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