Cardi B in vicious catfight with Swift’s ‘wifey’ Asia on Love & Hip Hop

Cardi B lashes out at Swift’s girlfriend Asia with nails flying on Love & Hip Hop

Cardi B has a vicious catfight with her producer Swift Star’s longterm girlfriend Asia on Love & Hip Hop this week — after she comes to visit him from London.

Cardi and Swift recently shared a serious kiss after repeatedly flirting in the studio, but only in this week’s two-hour LHH special does she find out about Asia, and that she’s unwittingly been getting in on another woman’s territory.

It happens when Swift makes the mistake of lending Cardi his phone. When she sees messages from Asia (who Swift calls “wifey”) badmouthing her and calling her names, all hell breaks loose.

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Asia, who has been seeing Swift for two-and-a-half years, flies over from London to see him on a prearranged visit, but then it all kicks off when she confronts Cardi after turning up during a studio session.

Cardi B lashes out — with nails flying as the pair lay into each other — and they have to be held back by security, as Swift also tries to pull them apart. He yells at Cardi B: “What you’re doing now, it’s f**king crazy!”

Asia, in red dress, has to be restrained by security as she fights with Cardi B

But Swift will be in for his own share of trouble, because the footage of his and Cardi B’s kiss earlier in the season shows that he was clearly the instigator.

While Cardi B didn’t reject him, he definitely leaned in to make the first move — and at the time Cardi didn’t know about Asia so he was 100 per cent responsible.

Also on this week’s first episode of Love & Hip Hop, titled Get It Poppin, Yandy Smith-Harris encounters husband Mendeeces’ other baby mamas Erika DeShazo and Samantha Wallace, J ends up angry at Sofi Green, and Rich Dollaz’ teenage daughter Ashley flies to NYC to check on his new girlfriend.

The second episode, which airs immediately after, sees Cardi having to face the music over her actions.

Meanwhile DJ Drewski can’t decide what’s more important — business or pleasure. Kimbella finds out something about Juelz Santana, and Rich’s girlfriend comes face to face with someone from his past.

Love & Hip Hop airs Mondays at 8/7c on VH-1.

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Bella Miller
Bella Miller
2 years ago

Haha Asia got her ass beat

Bella Miller
Bella Miller
2 years ago