Caitlin and Matt’s Love After Lockup update: Where are they now?

Caitlin talking to Matt after he was arrested on Love After Lockup
Caitlin wasn’t going to be a prison wife. Pic credit: WEtv

Love After Lockup couple Caitlin and Matt were a wildcard when they were introduced. She came off incredibly hopeful for the future, and he was more set in his ways than she thought he would be.

Throughout Season 2 of Love After Lockup, Caitlin and Matt fought a lot. From him coming in drunk in the middle of the night and leaving a mess to him not wanting to find an apartment, there was a lot going on. Shortly after her mother’s death, things went downhill quickly between them.

Where are Caitlin and Matt now?

As of now, it looks like Caitlin and Matt have called it quits for good. At the end of the Love After Lockup season finale, it was revealed that the couple was still broken up and Matt had moved in with his new girlfriend.

Matt had been arrested for stealing a car. He was locked up when Caitlin was staying in a hotel to get some perspective on their relationship. She ended up posting his bond, and from there, their split was all but etched in stone.

With reality closing in and Matt not paying attention to Caitlin at all, the couple called it quits and she moved on without him.

What is Caitlin up to now?

On Instagram, Caitlin has been active with her fans. She posts photos of herself, memes, and other random things while promoting positivity. When Caitlin spoke to Monsters & Critics earlier this year, she said she was still doing life with Matt, so the breakup could be more recent than some of the other Love After Lockup couples.

It appears that things are going well for her, though she has not revealed anything presently happening in her life. Her Instagram account is currently private but viewers can request to follow Caitlin.

Matt was currently awaiting trial for stealing the car when Love After Lockup Season 2 ended. It is unclear where he ended up, though it is almost certain that he will find himself back behind bars in some capacity.

Love After Lockup returns this summer on WEtv.

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