Bull Season 4 release date: When does show come back on TV in fall 2019?

Bull And Benny
Michael Weatherly and Freddy Rodriguez during Season 3 of Bull. Pic credit: CBS/YouTUbe

The Bull Season 4 release date excitement is starting to build. CBS has announced its fall 2019 TV schedule and Bull is returning for another year of legal drama.

Dr. Jason Bull (Michael Weatherly) runs a very successful trial consulting firm and the first three seasons of the show have dealt with a lot of cases. During the Season 3 finale, though, things started to get personal.

Benny (Freddy Rodriguez) learned his sister was getting another divorce and he used Bull as a sounding board for the situation. Later, Benny learned the reason for the divorce was Bull. He was not pleased.

Izzy (Yara Martinez) reveals at the very end of the episode called “Pillar of Salt” that she is pregnant and Bull is the father. Earlier in the episode, Benny had quit the firm, but Izzy is adamant that Bull hasn’t lost him.

The fall 2019 season premiere could begin with Benny and Bull still at odds, or the writers could have that storyline advance during the downtime for the show.

Bull Season 4 release date on CBS

The Bull return date is slated for Monday, September 23. The show is returning to its familiar time slot at 10/9c and should remain there for the foreseeable future.

It was great news for viewers that the show was renewed quite quickly. Now everyone can start looking forward to the evolution of Jason Bull’s character. Michael Weatherly is going to have a lot to work with in the Season 4 scripts, especially since Izzy is back in his life.

Ratings were still solid for Bull Season 3, so the expectation is that the show could be around for a while. Strong writing, a great supporting cast, and a lead actor that viewers can easily root for are at the center of the success for the show.

Make sure to tune in for the Bull season premiere in the fall, as there is a lot that needs covered in the opening episodes. Hopefully, it doesn’t come with a shocking revelation like when Cable left the show.

Bull airs Monday nights at 10/9c on CBS.

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