Botched gargantuan polypropylene implant “breast disaster” predicted for Elizabeth

Elizabeth, Botched patient
Elizabeth is suffering a massive staph infection in her Botched breasts

A huge “breast disaster” is predicted for tonight’s Botched on E!

Surveying patient Elizabeth’s distorted bosom, Dr. Terry Dubrow asks: “I must know how you got to this point.”

You must make note of the incredulous look and dead silence from Botched partner Dr. Paul Nassif in our clip below, it’s priceless.

We learn how a simple breast augmentation went terribly awry for busty Elizabeth who works in adult entertainment. Now, Elizabeth’s 4000cc breast implants are suffering a major infection.

Elizabeth explains her very first implant size was a meager 500 cc’s, and this the revelation makes Dr. Dubrow aghast.

She says that the 500ccs was the “small” implant that made her want to go bigger. In a separate interview, Dr. Dubrow explains in the clip 500ccs is NOT small!

Subsequently, for Elizabeth these polypropylene implants created a staph infection and there is significant leakage under her areola in a coin-sized hole.

Now banned from use, polypropylene breast implants are also known as string breast implants. Their flawed and potentially lethal design absorbed fluids and expand in size once implanted. The continuous breast growth happens after surgery which results in a grotesquely exaggerated size.

In more than one Botched episode, Dr. Terry Dubrow has vehemently expressed his dislike for these disfiguring implants.

But poor Elizabeth now has what Dr. Dubrow categorizes as a “localized problem,” as the polypropylene implants will accumulate more leaked fluids for what Dubrow calls an imminent “breast disaster.”

Also tonight we will also see Dr. Nassif fix a three eyebrowed fellow while Dr. Dubrow operates on a mother of three who with “saggy baggies” too.

Botched airs Sundays at 9 PM ET/PT on E!

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