Boston Rob was ‘needed’ in Deal or No Deal Island as fans react to rumors for Season 2

Boston Rob Mariano at a Survivor event
Fans react to rumors about Deal or No Deal Island Season 2 by saying that Boston Rob was “needed.” Pic credit: © Admedia

Now that Deal or No Deal Island Season 1 is finished, fans are eager for rumors of Deal or No Deal Island Season 2.

Boston Rob was the reason that most viewers stayed until the end, and now that he probably will not compete so soon in Season 2, producers need to find another talent equal to Rob.

Fans repeatedly stated that if Boston Rob was eliminated from the show, they would immediately stop watching.

When the penultimate episode was left on a cliffhanger, as Monsters and Critics reported, fans called it the season’s “worst episode” because it left Boston Rob’s fate unknown.

Finding talent will be difficult for Deal or No Deal Island, but not impossible if they start looking at other reality television superstars.

Rumors circulate all over social media about the casting for Deal or No Deal Island Season 2, and it seems that they could have more reality TV contestants for this upcoming season.

Fans say that DONDI ‘needed’ Boston Rob last season

Over on Reddit, fans are reacting to the news that casting for Season 2 will probably include more reality television stars.

One fan shared, “That makes sense. The show needed BRob last season. Traitors similarly did half and half their first season and then switched to all reality TV people.”

Fans react to Boston Rob's presence on DONDI
Fans say that Deal or No Deal Island needed Boston Rob last season. Pic credit: u/Durian-Critical/r/DealorNoDealIslandNBC/Reddit.

It is a good strategy and has worked for Traitors. Who wants to watch unknown people when you can root for your favorite Bravolebrity or Survivor star?

Another fan said about the rumors, “about half and half probably a bunch from the big 3 big brother, survivor and amazing race.”

A last fan shared, “They got so lucky that Rob did so well. Without him staying until the end, the show’s life would be on such a different trajectory.” They declared that DONDI cannot take that risk for Season 2.

Fans react to rumors of DONDI Season 2
Fans react to rumors about Deal or No Deal Island returning for Season 2. Pic credit: u/Durian-Critical/r/DealorNoDealIslandNBC/Reddit

Deal or No Deal Island is asking ‘for your consideration’

Deal or No Deal Island is asking for a nomination for the host, Joe Manganiello, to be considered for an Outstanding Host for a Reality or Competition Program nomination in the 2024 Emmys.

Howie Mandell is the original host and popped up as the Banker in this spinoff, but Joe did a fantastic job, not only as eye candy but also as the host of the show.

Deal or No Deal Island has ended Season 1 and will return soon.

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Kathy Phillips
Kathy Phillips
25 days ago

Bring on some of the cast of The Challenge!! Would love to see CT and/or Devon!!

25 days ago

You can use anybody like Joe to be the guy that sets up the play. Use Boston Rob as the commentator on the play. That what he does when he’s playing. That’s why we love him so much. One of the statements he said a long time ago was”you can tell who’s playing together by who they’re sleeping next to” . He also knows betting %. Great player

25 days ago

I want to see Tyson Apistal on DONDI2.

24 days ago

Well people are stupid. I’ve seen too much of Boston Rob…not a fan. In fact, I prefer new contestants rather than retreads from other reality shows. Shows are much more enjoyable if there are new players with new strategies. Rob’s strategy has been the same since Survivor Marquesas.