Bo-Katan actress, Katee Sackhoff, gives opinion on which Star Wars characters should be in live-action

Katee Sackhoff as Bo-Katan
Katee Sackhoff as Bo-Katan in The Mandalorian Pic credit: Lucasfilm

One of the best moments of the second season of The Mandalorian was having Katee Sackhoff play the live-action version of her Clone Wars/Rebels character Bo-Katan.

The former Battlestar Galactica actress has now shared which animated characters she’d love to see follow Bo into live-action.

Bringing Bo-Katan to life

While Sackhoff enjoyed voicing the Mandalorian warrior, Bo-Katan, for the Clone Wars and Rebels series, she never expected to play the role in full costume.

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The 40-year-old actress explained that she had always assumed that Bo-Katan would be played by another actress when it came to the live-action version. She said she was surprised and “touched” when Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau asked her to take on the role.

In the Clone Wars, Bo led her Kryze Mandalorian clan in a war against Darth Maul and his brother, Savage Opress. This had Bo-Katan clashing with Pre Vizsla, a renegade Mandalorian warrior. 

The battle involved Bo-Katan’s sister, Satine Kryse, the pacifistic ruler of the Mandalorians. Eventually, Satine was killed by Maul, dying in Obi-Wan Kenobi’s arms. Vizsla was also killed in battle with Maul.

The character returned in the Rebels series to aid that team on a mission. Bo eventually took the legendary Darksaber to lead the Mandalorian people.

Sometime between the Rebels series and the movies, the Empire committed “The Great Purge” that almost wiped out the Mandalorians. Bo-Katan lost the Darksaber and was forced to flee.

The character made a major return in the Mandalorian to save the main character from slavers. She later aided him in a rescue mission for the Child. 

The last time we saw Bo-Katan, she was upset to have lost the Darksaber, and she was leading her crew out into space. 

Who does Sackhoff want to see in live-action?

Clone Wars
Star Wars The Clone Wars Pic credit: Lucasfilm/disney

Speaking at WinterCon, Sackhoff said that she would enjoy it if Pre Vizsla and Satine could join Bo-Katan in live-action. 

“I love the dynamic between [Bo-Katan and] her sister. I love that, I love the idea that these are both women of royal blood, one became ruler and one didn’t, so it’s like, when you’re second in line, it never crosses your mind that you’re going to have to rule because the unthinkable has happened.

Sackhoff further added:

So when she lost her sister, that was a moment where you take this person who has been trained to be a warrior and make them realize that now they have to learn how to rule, which is not what Bo-Katan ever thought she was gonna have to be doing. I think those would be really fun things around Bo-Katan specifically to go into, but that’s all flashback stuff.”

Unfortunately, the chances of those characters appearing seem unlikely. However, the Clone Wars did show a romantic subplot between Satine and Obi-Wan, only to be prevented by Obi-Wan’s commitment to the Jedi code.

The upcoming live-action Obi-Wan series might involve flashbacks showing more of the pair or, maybe, even Satine as a “Force ghost” to give Obi-Wan advice. 

Will there be a rematch with Maul?

Ray Park hints Darth Maul return to Star Wars universe
Ray Park as Darth Maul in Phantom Menace. Pic credit: LucasFilm

Sackhoff added she would also love a “new” showdown between Bo-Katan and Maul himself.

Maul appeared to finally meet his end at Obi-Wan’s hands in the Rebels cartoon, but Sackhoff pointed out: “I think he’s constantly coming back to life anyway. He’s a really hard guy to kill, so you never know.”

Ray Park, who played Maul in the movies, recently posted an image hinting that he might somehow return to the role. It may be relatively easy to work a past Maul-Bo meeting into the timeline.

Sackhoff kept quiet on whether she will be returning as Bo-Katan in the planned Disney+ Star Wars spin-off series. However, the desire to see more of Bo-Katan’s past in live-action shows how much Sackhoff enjoyed bringing the character to full life. 

The Mandalorian, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Star Wars: Rebels can all be found on Disney+.

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