Blue Bloods producer reveals dramatic season 12 premiere title

Blue Bloods Season 11 season premiere
Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan in Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

Things may not be so sunny on Blue Bloods season 12.

As production will begin soon for the newest season of the long-running CBS hit, executive producer Siobhan Byrne O’Connor revealed the dramatic season premiere title, hinting at dark times for the Reagan clan.

The season 12 return

Despite being a long-running hit, Blue Bloods’ chances of surviving another year wasn’t assured.

A show lasting over a decade is an achievement for television nowadays (NCIS and Grey’s Anatomy being prime exceptions). That seemed to work against Blue Bloods.

Another factor was the ratings. The average rating for season 11 was 0.5 in the 18-49 demographic alongside just over 6.5 million viewers. These are decreases of over 15% from season 10 and a continuing downward trend. 

Adding to the problems were the complications of having to film in New York City during the coronavirus pandemic (the fact the show seems to pretend the pandemic never happened and the characters are unmasked didn’t help). 

There was also the series addressing the real-life concerns on police actions following nationwide protests in 2020. The high salaries for the cast members (especially star Tom Selleck) was also an issue with CBS.

The network renewed the series for a twelfth season in May, and fans are hopeful this means some fresh drama for the Reagan clan. 

The powerful premiere title

In an Instagram post, O’Connor shared the title of the season 12 premiere, written by her and directed by David Barrett, which is “Hate Is Hate.”

“Yep, we’re back. Gearing up for episode 1201,” O’Connor wrote in the caption. She later clarified that filming does not start until the third week of July.

The post also had O’Connor answering fan questions. Among them was one fan wondering if there would be a “reunion” of Erin (Bridget Moynahan) and her ex-husband Jack Boyle (Peter Hermann. “There will be, but not in this first episode. We have Erin, Anthony, and Crawford.”

O’Connor also confirmed “Jamko coming up,” hinting at new drama for Jamie (Will Estes) and wife Eddie (Vanessa Ray). Last month, the showrunners speculated on the chances of the two having children but appear more dedicated to their careers.

The title may also indicate a hate crime taking place, which is sure to once more put Frank (Tom Selleck) in the public hot seat. Last season saw Frank clashing with New York mayor Chase (Dylan Walsh) over police conduct. Such conflicts could continue.

Not much else is known yet, but the title of the premiere alone indicates this new season of Blue Bloods isn’t relaxing the drama that fans love so well on the show.

Blue Bloods seasons 1-9 streaming on Hulu, seasons 1-11 streaming on Paramount+.

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Pat Radell
Pat Radell
1 year ago

Writer should not write Frank out of his Catholic character – his expectation that the Abp would break the seal of confession – this is a position requiring moral integrity and Frank is a moral person. He would not ask a friend to do such a thing. You are compromising his character. Every Catholic watching this would be offended.