Blue Bloods: Will Jamie and Eddie have kids?

Eddie and Jamie
Vanessa Ray and Will Estes in Blue Bloods Pic credit: CBS

Could there be an extra Regan added to Blue Bloods?

With Jamie (Will Estes) and Eddie (Vanessa Ray) settled into marital bliss, fans of the CBS drama wonder if they’re hoping to add kids to the mix. 

While that may be a plan down the road, it doesn’t seem like the producers are eager to have the cop duo become a larger family soon. 

Eddie and Jamie’s partnership

Since they were first paired up in season four, the attraction between Eddie and Jamie was obvious. It evolved with them trusting each other as partners and even thinking they were better as friends.

It built to the season 8 finale where, after a gunman nearly killed Jamie, he and Eddie finally faced up to how they loved each other. To the family’s surprise, Jamie brought her to the next dinner as his fiancee. 

Since their wedding, the pair have balanced life as cops with married life, including handling the ups and downs of being newlyweds and Jamie’s promotion to sergeant.

This has led to speculation on possibly adding some children to the mix. Speaking to TV Insider, executive producer Kevin Wade stated that while it’s something the writers have discussed, they don’t have concrete plans for it yet. 

“We talk about it sometimes. I think that would be something that would come out of a combination of our fictional lives and their real lives.”

Possible promotion for Eddie?

Eddie and Jamie wedding
Fans upset Blue Bloods Season 9 finales doesn’t show the moment Eddie and Jamie exchange vows. Pic credit: CBS

The Season 11 finale had the couple bantering on a “quiz” of their relationship, which led them to realize they still need to know more about each other. 

Jamie is also handling his duties as sergeant, which occasionally causes tension when he and his wife disagree on a case. Wade explains that Jamie will be concentrating on that. 

“For now, we’re just gonna play probably Jamie’s promotion. If they said this show’s going to run for six more years, I’m guessing that Jamie may well be in 1PP before it was over — not necessarily as commissioner, but he seems like the guy who’s on his way up on that side of things.”

Yet, Wade hinted Eddie might be looking for a promotion herself down the road. 

“We played an episode late in the season where she went undercover with Anthony [Steven Schirripa] to try to nab a crooked parole officer. Every time we’ve played her undercover, it brightens up the screen. It’s on the table that Eddie could become a detective.”

Such a promotion would shift up the couple’s dynamic with Jamie seeing his wife follow the path of big brother Danny (Donnie Wahlberg).

Of course, it would be interesting if, without planning, Jamie and Eddie found themselves in a family way. As it stands, it seems the couple is concentrating more on cops before adding another generation to the Regan clan. 

Blue Bloods seasons 1-11 streaming on Paramount+, Season 1-10 on Hulu. 

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