Blindspot Season 3 premiere recap: So many mysteries, so little time

Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton), Jane (Jaimie Alexander) and the team escape on a tank.

Recap of Blindspot Season 3 Premiere ‘Back to the Grind’

I honestly don’t even know where to start. I am just so ecstatic that Blindspot is back and I can’t wait to see what they  have in store for us in season 3. This completely underrated NBC show has everything I love — drama, action, suspense, romance, comedy. It’s like a nicely wrapped gift with a pretty bow on top of it.

In case you don’t remember, the last time we saw the FBI team, they had pretty much lived happily ever after. Shepherd was caught and delivered to the CIA; Jane and Weller had finally realized they were perfect for each other and gotten together; and the team had vowed to stick together no matter what.

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Flash forward to nearly two years later, and we soon find out that that happiness was very short lived. Even though Jane and Weller had a beautiful wedding — which, hello, that was pretty fast of them, but okay — they only lived blissfully in Colorado for a little while. A bounty of ten million dollars was put on Jane’s head for taking down Sandstorm, and, well, every assassin in the world was out to get her.

She wants to leave right away — after all, she’s a walking target, and she doesn’t want to put Kurt or his baby in harm’s way — but Weller is pretty adamant that they need to stick together. Of course Jane doesn’t listen, and waits for him to fall asleep to leave.

Globe trotting with Jane and Weller

After an 18-month time jump, Weller is back in New York to sell his place. He has been searching for Jane from the moment he realized she was gone, but still no luck. However, the new director of the FBI knocks on his door and tells him his old team is missing, and that the only thing they could find was that briefcase we saw in the finale last year.

Apparently, whoever made it, knew exactly where Jane was hiding all this time, because they helpfully included the coordinates to where she was on the back of the briefcase. So Kurt immediately takes off and reunites with Jane and we get to watch as she becomes a human-sized glow in the dark stick. Those bioluminescent tattoos are pretty neat.

So they follow a lead to Venice — as in Italy — and soon they find yet another briefcase with a phone in it. There’s only one number programmed in it, and guess who it is. Yup, our dear old friend Roman. Sigh. I love Roman, but he’s making it very hard to keep loving him when he’s being a villainous jerk.

He gives Jane an out for the bounty on her head problem, but it’s a very risky solution, which involves injecting a substance into her body that will slow her heart to an imperceptible rate, so she could look dead. The catch was, the antidote had to be administered up 90 minutes after the first shot, or she would die.

Of course, Jane and Kurt don’t just accept it, so an incredible chase through Venice ensues, and the whole thing was pretty spectacular. In the end, Roman gets away, and Jane just says to hell with it and injects herself with the heart stopping substance before Weller can even protest.

They go, things go awry for a little while, but eventually they conquer, and the scene where they leave the church — was that a church? — is so incredibly badass, that it’s definitely going down as one of my favorite shots of this show ever.

So with the bounty problem out of the way, they can focus on their missing friends.

Tasha, Reade and Patterson

Just like things did not end well for Jane and Kurt, the rest of the team didn’t stick together as they had originally intended. Patterson left for California to start her own company, Tasha left for the CIA and Reade is now the assistant director of the FBI. And the worst part? They haven’t seen each other in an entire year.

So when Reade and Zapata wake up in a strange place together, things do not go well. Soon Patterson joins the party, but they have no idea where they are or why they were taken in the first place. When the kidnappers drop a safe in their cage telling them to open it or die, Tasha and Reade immediately start accusing each other, but Patterson calls them out on the real reason about why they’re so pissy at each other: Reade was mad because Zapata joined the CIA, and Tasha was mad because he just disappeared, but deep down they just miss each other.

With that out of the way, Patterson manages to open the safe just fine, and they find a CIA computer in it. The evil dudes want Patterson to break the encryption and give them the data in it, and she has six hours to do it or her friends die.

Meanwhile, Jane and Kurt are working with the FBI to try and find their friends. Surprisingly, the FBI has somewhat employed Rich Dot Com as their tech consultant specialist and hilarity ensues. This guy is definitely one of my favorite characters in this show, and I am so glad we are getting to see more of him. So they find out that Roman has gone full on evil and sold Patterson, Zapata and Reade to the highest bidder.

But with a little investigating, they manage to find who bought them and find out they’re in Venezuela, so off they go to save them. While all that is going on, Patterson — being her wonderful, genius self — figures out a way to create an explosion, so that can cause a diversion that can help them escape.

Jane and Weller end up rescuing them with a tank — of all things — and that entire sequence was just badass and so incredibly funny, because they were so into it, and you could tell the cast was having a blast.

So with everyone safe and sound back in New York, they now have to deal with Jane’s newly found glow in the dark tattoos. Reade manages to convince the CIA guy and his FBI director that they can benefit from a joint task force, so the whole band is back together. Patterson says she will only help them set things up, but she’s not staying.

And that leads us to the many questions we all have now.

So many mysteries, so little time

Those final five minutes dumped so many mysteries and questions on us, that I don’t even know where to start. Patterson and Rich Dot Com are apparently a thing, but they’re hiding it from everyone. Whaaaat? One of the new tattoos can somehow implicate something Tasha is involved in with the CIA and things can get messy.

Jane and Kurt are back together and, hopefully, stronger than ever, but she has a bunch of different passports and a whole lot of cash that she’s hiding from him; and something apparently happened between Kurt and Roman in Berlin, and Roman is using it as blackmail.

I don’t even know what to do with all of this, but I’m super excited about whatever is in store for us.

Blindspot airs Fridays at 8/7C on NBC.

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