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Blindspot Season 2 Finale Recap: The final showdown between the FBI and Shepherd

Kurt (Sullivan Stapleton) finds the nuclear material Shepherd (Michelle Hurd) had stolen

Whew! How amazing was that Blindspot finale? As per usual, the NBC cult show hit it out of the park, delivering such a solid episode with super intense twists and turns and a mind blowing cliffhanger. I am so, so glad Blindspot got renewed for a third season, because how would we be able to live if that cliffhanger had been the end of it?

Following last week’s breathtaking episode, Blindspot picks up right where we left off then, with Kurt stuck inside a fortress with CIA’s Keaton and a whole bunch of federal directors, who are supposed to step in should the government fall.

Kurt is a smart guy, though, so he quickly puts the pieces together that this was Shepherd’s plan all along, and the attacks on the federal buildings were just an excuse to put all of these people together in this bunker, so they could completely wipe out the current administration and have Kurt and the others replace them.

But with no phone and no guns, Kurt and Keaton team up to try and find a way out of this place, or at least get word out to his team that Shepherd is nowhere near done. Whatever she’s planning, she is targeting the government and it was probably going to be massive.

So they sneak out of the room and search for a phone, finding a very old one eventually. Keaton fiddles with the switch board until he finds a dial tone, so Kurt calls Patterson and manages to tell her that Shepherd’s plan is still in motion before bullets start flying.

It turns out that the guy presiding the meeting with the directors is in on Shepherd’s plans, but Kurt and Keaton quickly overpower him and kill him, before finally escaping. Because Kurt is just that much of a badass.

Back at Headquarters, Jane was already worried about Kurt, because she hadn’t heard from him since they had kissed the night before, and then he had suddenly been whisked away by the Secret Service. When Patterson gets a call from him and the line went dead, her concern only tripled, but the team manages to stick to the mission and try to figure out what Shepherd’s next move is going to be.

They quickly put things together because – following the attacks the day before – the president had called for an emergency meeting with all government officials at the White House. And what better way to destroy the current administration than targeting the White House with everyone inside?

So they know Shepherd has nuclear material, which she stole back in Bangkok, so now it’s only a matter of figuring out how she is planning to use it. They have O’Reily – Rich Dot Com’s college buddy, who is now a tech billionaire, remember? – in custody, so he eventually tells them that he launched a satellite for Shepherd and that she had only told him that she would use the hypersonic missile to hit the White House.

But with the amount of nuclear material and explosives she has, the blast would be so great that it would wipe out the entire east coast.

Shepherd (Michelle Hurd) gets in the van full of explosives and nuclear material

So now it becomes a race against time, because the missile is set to launch very soon. They call in NASA consultants, because Patterson – as badass as she is – can’t hack something that is up in space, so they need help from the ISS station that is already up there. While they are working on it, Kurt and Jane head to DC to try and find the nuclear material Shepherd and Roman already have on the ground.

Patterson and her NASA buddies manage to delay the missile for just a little bit, but it’s not enough. Zapata – who escaped the hospital after getting shot, the crazy woman – and Keaton manage to locate the nuclear material, but they are  almost out of time. When they find it, they also find Shepherd and, after a fight, they manage to overpower her.

But they still need to deactivate the beacon that is controlling the missile, at the same time that they need to take the van where the explosives and nuclear material are to a less populated area, so they can minimize the damage. Except that this is a suicide mission and they both know they are not walking out of this, as there won’t be enough time to drive the van there and get to safety.

Patterson finds a way to track the beacon and Kurt quickly finds out that Shepherd has swallowed it, so there’s no way to deactivate it.

Meanwhile, Roman is tailing them and causes the van they’re in to crash. Kurt gets hurt bad, but still manages to talk to Patterson and figure out a way to kill the beacon. They are, after all, in an ambulance and there’s a crash cart inside. So he shocks Shepherd until the beacon is deactivated and the world is saved.

Jane (Jaimie Alexander) tries to stop Shepherd (Michelle Hurd)

Outside, Roman and Jane are going at it and they have an epic, heartbreaking fight. Eventually, Jane has her gun on him, but she can’t bring herself to pull the trigger. He is her little brother and she just can’t kill him like that. So she lets him go.

Kurt comes outside, just in time to see Roman leave and then promptly falls down, lightheaded from blood loss. But before he loses consciousness, he tells Jane he wants her to stay and the he loves her and dear lord almighty, the shipper in me is doing cartwheels of joy. Earlier in the episode, the new FBI director had told Jane that, once they had Shepherd in custody, she would be free to go.

Jane talked to Patterson earlier that day, and the IT genius told her that Kurt would most likely leave for Colorado once his baby was born, and that it wouldn’t be fair to her to keep her in New York if she didn’t want to stay. So when it’s all said and done, and they’re back at Headquarters as heroes, Patterson breaks down with Reade and Zapata, everything suddenly becoming too much for her.

Before she can even voice her thoughts about quitting the team – which had me nearly panicking – Reade tells her they’re no quitters and that they are family and family sticks together.

Later that night, they are all at Kurt’s place having drinks when Jane arrives. She’s pretty banged up, but she asks to talk to Kurt outside, where she tells him she’s not going anywhere and that she loves him too and this is almost too much for this poor shipper’s heart.

Jeller is a go, people. This is not a drill!

The rest of the team comes up with the most ridiculous excuses to leave them alone and they take full advantage of that.

Cut to two years later and Jane is climbing up this ridiculously huge mountain. When she eventually gets to the top, she meets this elder Chinese (maybe?) woman and she says it’s time for Jane to go home. She says she can’t ever go back, though, and that was shocking enough. Something definitely happened in those two years that caused her to leave New York and Kurt.

But he eventually finds her and they’re married and he begs her to come home, because they need her. The team has been kidnapped and they got a box with her name on it that they couldn’t open.

Once they both touch it, however, it opens to reveal some sort of device with one of Jane’s tattoos on it. And when he touches it to the bird tattoo on her neck, the most incredible thing happens – all her tattoos start glowing.

And fade to black.

This is going to be a long summer, guys. But hey, our ship saved the world and got together and everything is brilliant right now, if you ask me.

Blindspot returns with an all new season this Fall on NBC.

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