Black Mirror returning to Netflix

Miley Cyrus in Black Mirror
Dystopian drama series Black Mirror is getting Season 6. Pic credit: Netflix

Season 5 of Black Mirror aired in June 2019, leaving the future of the dystopian drama series up in the air until today. It has been confirmed that a new Black Mirror installment is on the way. 

Casting is underway at this time, and production will likely begin soon. 

Season 5 left fans wanting more as the season only featured three episodes, though the episodes were the length of feature films. Prior to Season 5, viewers could play along with the immersive Bandersnatch user game on Netflix. 

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Now that the series is confirmed to be coming back, fans are curious about what awaits them.

When is Black Mirror Season 6 coming to Netflix?

Variety revealed that Season 6 of Black Mirror is underway at Netflix, but there isn’t much more information released than that at this time.

At this time, there is no release date for the new season. Since production is still casting, it could be a while before the season actually releases.

Specific details are being closely guarded, but Season 6 is said to have more episodes than Season 5. Each installment will be similar to a film, much like other episodes of Black Mirror that were more than an hour-long and cost a lot of money to produce. Rather than episodes, it’s more like each installment is its own movie.

This newest season is the first to come out after Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker and his creative partner Annabel Jones left their original production company, House of Tomorrow, part of Endemol Shine Group. They left in January 2020 and started their own production banner called Broke and Bones, but the move resulted in some legal issues for Black Mirror.

What happened to Black Mirror?

When Brooker and Jones left Endemol Shine Group to start Broke and Bones, they quickly received a huge investment from Netflix. Despite the huge deal and backing, the rights to Black Mirror didn’t follow them to Broke and Bones. 

Endemol Shine Group still held the rights of Black Mirror. When the company was acquired by Banijay Group later in 2020, the rights followed. Due to the rights of the show belonging to Banijay, Brooker and Jones couldn’t move forward with any new Black Mirror installments until a deal was worked out between the two companies. 

The ownership of rights caused doubt among creators and viewers alike, who were unsure if Black Mirror would ever return. Fortunately, a deal was eventually reached, and Black Mirror is now licensed to Netflix. 

Black Mirror Season 1-5 can be streamed on Netflix. 

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