Black Mirror Season 6 release date confirmed with star-studded cast

Netflix has announced that Black Mirror is returning for its sixth season after four years. The streaming platform teased the upcoming season as the most “unpredictable season yet,” with a new star-studded cast and a teaser trailer.  The British anthology series, created by Charlie Brooker, was acquired by Netflix in 2015 after it aired for


Black Mirror returning to Netflix

Season 5 of Black Mirror aired in June 2019, leaving the future of the dystopian drama series up in the air until today. It has been confirmed that a new Black Mirror installment is on the way.  Casting is underway at this time, and production will likely begin soon.  Season 5 left fans wanting more


Black Mirror Smithereens recap: Season 5, Episode 2 review and Easter Eggs

It’s time to look at the second episode of the current season of Black Mirror, and it’s not gonna go the way you think it might go… The episode centers around Chris (Andrew Scott), a ride-share driver in England. He picks up people at takes them places. He spends time listing to recordings to control


Black Mirror Smithereens cast: Who plays who?

The second episode of Black Mirror season 5 is titled Smithereens and is a feature-length episode checking in at 70 minutes and telling a story of a real-life technical concern. Instead of futuristic science fiction tech, this episode deals with a fictional social media network called Smithereens and shows how addiction to social media can


Black Mirror Striking Vipers ending explained

The fifth season of Black Mirror hit this week featuring three new feature-length episodes including Striking Vipers, a cautionary tale of immersive video gaming. Spoilers follow for the Black Mirror Striking Vipers episode, and you can read our full recap here. What is Striking Vipers about Striking Vipers starts off in the past when Danny


Black Mirror Smithereens ending explained: Who died?

Black Mirror released three new episodes for its fifth season, all feature length, and one of them took a different route and chose not to go into the realm of science fiction — Smithereens. Spoilers follow from the Black Mirror episode Smithereens. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker said that he


Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too cast: Who’s in the Black Mirror episode?

Black Mirror is back for its fifth season and after the mind-twisting Bandersnatch, there are three new tales of technological terror this time around. The third episode of the season — and the 22nd of Black Mirror — is titled Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too. This has a very recognizable star in a key role


Why are there only 3 episodes of Black Mirror in Season 5?

Black Mirror returned to Netflix on Wednesday but fans only got a chance to see three new episodes of the tech-based horror anthology series. So why are there only three episodes of Black Mirror Season 5? This is actually not unusual for the Netflix series, as all episodes are close to feature length and this


Black Mirror, Season 5, Episode 1 recap: Striking Vipers

The madness is upon us once more as Season 5 of Black Mirror dropped on Netflix Wednesday morning, June 5. Let’s see where this first episode is taking us. Danny (Anthony Mackie) is hitting the clubs and finds a woman sitting alone. He starts hitting on her, but he’s no player. Still, she’s diggin’ the