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Bishop performs exorcism on man with demonic oppression on Ghost Adventures

Chris Stone, whose demonic oppression is the subject of this week's Ghost Adventures
Chris Stone, whose demonic oppression is the subject of this week’s Ghost Adventures

On tonight’s Ghost Adventures, Zak Bagans and his team enlist the help of Bishop Bryan Oullette to perform an exorcism on a man with a demonic oppression.

The episode sees the team head to Erie, Colorado, where Chris Stone obtained the demonic attachment after trying to conjure an entity several years ago.

Watch footage below as the team speak to a psychic called Robin, who has worked with Chris in the past.

As the group stand inside his home, she says: “There’s times when there’s a really oppressive feeling in the house. You can really feel it, especially on the second level.

“I’ve got the feeling there may be more than one entity here.”

Zak asks her of Chris: “Do you think he has an attachment to Satan, demons, the devil?”

She replies: “Something very dark does seem to be attached to him, yes. I remember doing a reading seeing a goat head super-imposed over his face. That’s just really not out of the realm of ‘normal’.

“I also saw what looked like a man with a very long face and horns, that was around him, possibly quite often.”

It emerges that this is also a figure that Chris has seen in the basement of the building.

The team then call on Bishop Bryan Oullette, an exorcist, metaphysician and esotericist, to help perform the exorcism on Chris to help rid him of his oppression…

Ghost Adventures airs Saturdays at 9/8c on Travel Channel.

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