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Ducks that taste like fish are conundrum for Charlie Jagow on The Last Alaskans

Charlie explains how he doesn't like merganser ducks because they taste like fish
Charlie explains how he doesn’t like merganser ducks because they taste like fish

Charlie Jagow faces a conundrum on this week’s The Last Alaskans — whether or not he’s hungry enough to eat ducks that tastes like fish!

It’s a case of to shoot or not to shot when he spots the mergansers — diving ducks — while out looking for food with winter fast approaching.

But he says while he would shoot them if he was “starving”, he’s going to give them a miss this time.

Watch the footage from the episode below as spots the birds and says: “Oh look. There’s some ducks right there. Unfortunately, they’re mergansers. Diving ducks.

“Wouldn’t taste very good. Because they eat a lot of fish, they taste like a fish. I’m not going to shoot them. If I was starving I would shoot them.”

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Charlie’s not the only one worrying that he’s not got enough meat for the winter on this week’s The Last Alaskans, as Heimo Korth faces the same fears.

Meanwhile, as all the families try to fill their smokehouses, the Seldens all help out in getting Tyler’s recent moose kill back to his remote trapping camp.

The Last Alaskans airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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