The Last Alaskans vicious dog sled fight in exclusive preview

On tonight’s The last Alaskans, Tyler Selden has his hands full. Up north of the arctic circle, Ashley and Tyler Selden are two of the most interesting people on The Last Alaskans. Together this family of three (daughter Sydney is a toddler now) show us their precious dog sled team and Tyler tries to manage

Who is Talicia Harte? The Last Alaskans cast member was rock for late dad Bob

The death of someone cared for leaves a glaring hole for those left behind. The Last Alaskan family lost feisty Bob Harte in July 2017, and his death is still reverberating among those devoted to the Discovery series. The Last Alaskan features the few people who are legally entitled to live, trap and hunt in

Exclusive: Heimo Korth gives us a nomadic education on The Last Alaskans

On tonight’s The Last Alaskans on Discovery, the origins of mankind and the behavior of human tribes that roamed and hunted are explored with the patriarch of the show, Heimo Korth. Heimo is on our exclusive preview as he follows food sources and sets up camp. Korth is full of great anecdotes about the early

The Last Alaskans exclusive preview: Charlie is on the trail of a wolf pack

On tonight’s The Last Alaskans on Discovery, an apex predator is the focus as food stores are lean and everyone is hunting, including the wolves. Charlie Jagow takes us on an exciting in the field walk as he spots a pack of four wolves, three black and one grey wolf that are roaming the coastal