The Last Alaskans exclusive: Edna aces ice fishing with incredible underwater footage

On the next episode of The Last Alaskans, we see the practical side of life in the remote arctic as Edna Korth invites us along to ice fish.

Like so many women in Alaska, Edna has it going on in the fishing department and she truly loves it too.

In our Last Alaskans exclusive clip, Edna gives us the real deal information on life where she lives and the key to their survival is quality proteins.

She says, “We need meat for the winter. We got some meats but we need a lot more than what do we have.”

It looks as though her fly fishing technique works as the footage is amazing, as the producers were able to get an underwater camera under the ice sheet that shows how her fly dances and teases the awaiting fish she hopes to catch.

It’s very cool camera work and gives a whole new perspective on ice fishing.

Optimistic, she says: “You’re a good one. I’m helping out and hoping to get a grayling, you see, but they don’t bite hard.”

Edna then swings the fish to kill it and feels slight remorse. “Sorry, buddy.”

Confirming her catch, our show’s resident ichthyologist says: “That’s a grayling.”

Edna hooks a greyling, her preferred fish. Pic credit: Discovery
Edna hooks a grayling, her preferred fish. Pic credit: Discovery

Edna Korth is married to Heimo Korth, and together they live in the middle of the 20-million acre Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Also, Edna is Yupik Eskimo and the couple live for close to nine months every year without electricity, running water or connectivity to the outside world.

This hearty Arctic Alaskan has raised a family in this place and has suffered great tragedy too.

Heimo and Edna’s first child Coleen Ann Korth, named for the nearby Coleen River, was born in 1982. Sadly she drowned in a river at age two.

Edna’s tenacity and will are admirable, and her good cheer about fishing is infectious fun.

She says: “I just hope we get more because we need four or five fish.” Looking around, she says: “I love fishing… especially ice fishing in wintertime.”

The stark beauty is something to see and combined with this remarkable footage, you cannot miss the show tonight.

She adds: “Oh dear it’s really quiet, it clears my mind. There goes one, he’s down there, come on!”

Edna Korth knows her way around a fishing hole in Alaska. Pic credit; Discovery

Her technique is similar to fly fishing, short bursts of movement in feathery motions. Pic credit: Discovery
Her technique is similar to fly fishing, short bursts of movement in feathery motions. Pic credit: Discovery

And Edna gets more fish as her streak continues. She says: “You could bite… I got another one! Yeah!”

She gets a bit pensive and sentimental towards the end of the clip as she reflects on the importance of this task.

Edna says: “I like to think about my family when I’m fishing. When I was growing up…my mom and dad, when they go fishing like this they always say ‘sing to me…just make up songs’ and we didn’t know any difference at all!”

With a smile, she adds: “When you get it [a fish] it’s like Christmas!”

The Last Alaskans airs on Sundays at 10/9c on Discovery.

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3 years ago

love them both and the it when it,s on

2 years ago

Miss watching this show

Albert Nonomus
Albert Nonomus
2 years ago

Gr8 show Edna & Heimo are the BEST