The Last Alaskans Season 4: What date will show return in 2018?

Fans have been questioning whether there will be a Season 4 of The Last Alaskans in 2018 following the tragic passing of star Bob Harte last year. It was initially thought the show may not return to air after the death of the fan favorite following a battle with cancer, however sources now say it will. The

The Last Alaskans finale features incredible northern lights footage

The Last Alaskans — aka the most gorgeously shot series on television — tonight features stunning footage of the northern lights “dancing” over Alaska. The two-hour finale, titled The Great Unknown, shows winter loosening its grip on the ice-bound Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The darkness of the season also finally relents as the sun starts to make

Incredible rare footage of leaping marten as winter arrives on The Last Alaskans

Discovery’s stunningly-shot reality show The Last Alaskans this week features a breathtaking moment of natural beauty as a lone marten leaps from tree to tree around a snowy forest. Heimo Korth comes across the marten as he walks out of his cabin to go to the toilet, only to hear rustling in the trees. Wife Edna then joins him


Bob Harte makes triumphant return to The Last Alaskans after health scare

Bob Harte makes a triumphant return to The Last Alaskans on this week’s episode — after several months in the lower 48 states due to a battle with cancer. The fan favorite was forced to leave his cabin in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge last season due to the health scare, and this week he returns to

The Last Alaskans face challenges like never before in Season 3

The Last Alaskans is back for Season 3 on Discovery — with the families who feature facing challenges from mother nature like never before. In the new season the remaining families living the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge face pressures like no other year when the snows fail to fall as much as expected. This means