The Last Alaskans Season 4 to follow Bob Harte’s battle with cancer before he died, premiere date revealed

Bob Harte on The Last Alaskans
Bob Harte, who passed away last year, on The Last Alaskans. Pic credit: Discovery

The Last Alaskans is returning for Season 4 later this month, and will follow star Bob Harte’s battle with cancer before he died, Discovery has confirmed.

There had been speculation that the show may not return after the death of the fan favorite in 2017. But now Discovery has revealed the show is coming back, with a premiere date of November 25.

The network also confirmed Bob Harte’s battle with cancer would feature on the show when it returns, and be a chance for fans to “say goodbye”.

The Last Alaskans follows the last remaining residents of The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the largest protected wilderness in the U.S..

Discovery said in a statement about the new season: “No one knows the refuge like Bob Harte. After 40 years in the Alaskan Wilderness, he calls it his country, but due to the return of his cancer, Bob must move away from the refuge and into town with his daughter and granddaughter.

“This season, we will follow Bob’s hard-fought battle to the end and get the chance to say goodbye. Bob’s journey in the refuge allowed him to live free – this was his home and where his heart will always be.”

After his passing, fans will also see fellow “Last Alaskan” Charlie Jagow follow in Bob’s footsteps by using maps and instructions he left behind to reestablish 40 years’ worth of family traplines following fires which destroyed vast swathes of forest in the area.

Bob Harte’s death was announced in July last year, prompting thousands of fans to take to The Last Alaskans Facebook to pay tribute to the Discovery star, who was known for his gentle and loving nature.

One, Linda Lloyd, said: “I am crying at my desk now… I loved Bob, he was so gentle and genuine. I am so sad, and send prayers and condolences to his wife and daughter who loved him dearly. RIP, sweet man…”

Just months before he died, Bob had made a return to the show after gaining strength following his initial fight with the disease.

In other storylines featured on The Last Alaskans Season 4, Heimo and Edna Korth will get to fulfil an opportunity they’ve dreamed of for years — when they are joined by their daughter Krin as she and her family attempt to survive a winter in the refuge.

Fans will follow their efforts, as Heimo attempts to “pass on the torch of survival” to Krin, her husband Scott and their young son Colby.

Meanwhile, in another first, Tyler and Ashley Selden will bring their baby girl Sidney into the refuge, and attempt to turn their property into a fully-functioning homestead that can support a family.

Discovery said: “The obstacles of this season, though significant, serve a great purpose for the families – they have a rebirth in the refuge.

“Through ingenuity, hard work and a bit of luck, the families work to overcome and rebuild their homes, trails and lives for the success of their future in the Alaskan wilderness.”

The Last Alaskans Season 4 premieres on November 25 at 10pm ET/PT on Discovery.

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