Big Brother spoilers: Who won Head of Household after double eviction?

The Head of Household graphic from Big Brother
Big Brother 20 Head of Household competition was held hours after the double eviction. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 20 is less than two weeks from the season finale. Right now, five houseguests are left in the game and the next Head of Household competition winner automatically becomes part of the final four.

As expected, Haleigh was evicted during week 11. She had become the sole member of her alliance, and she was sent to join them in the jury house. Of course, that left Level 6 (then 4) in the house and with the numbers to control everything from there.

In a blindside eviction, Brett was given the boot from his own alliance. Tyler won Head of Household and nominated JC and Sam. Without getting too much blood on his hands, he nominated Brett after Angela saved JC from the chopping block.

The final five are now Angela, JC, Kaycee, Sam, and Tyler. This next Head of Household is crucial and Tyler is not allowed to play in it. After everything that happened, the houseguests are dealing with a lot of emotional overloads.

After playing a full round of Big Brother in less than an hour, the Head of Household competition didn’t take place right away. There was a break between everything, something that typically happens when production has to change out sets.

Angela is the new Head of Household and it looks like nominations will be made soon. Julie Chen confirmed that next Wednesday there will be another eviction and after that, things will be headed toward the finale.

Big Brother airs Sunday and Wednesday nights at 8/7c and Thursday nights at 9/8c on CBS.