Big Brother spoilers: Who gets evicted this week from BB21 cast?

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Big Brother spoilers already give a defined look at who gets evicted this week. The BB21 cast is down to just eight people, so it is only going to take three votes to be sent out the front door on Thursday night.

It’s important to point out that things could still change, as it is Monday and the Veto Ceremony hasn’t even taken place yet. But the feeling in the house is that the fate of one houseguest is nearly sealed.

Over the weekend, Jackson Michie won the Power of Veto. This is a huge deal, as his showmance partner (Holly Allen) is the current Head of Household. The duo now has the chance to keep the nominations the same this week.

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As a quick reminder, Holly put Nick Maccarone on the block. Then, Nick, as the Big Brother Prankster, put Christie Murphy on the block. It means the BB21 cast has to decide whether to evict Nick or Christie.

Big Brother spoilers: Who gets evicted this week?

As it stands, Nick Maccarone is about to get voted out of the game. Jackson and Holly see Christie as a shield that they can keep using in the game, and Holly has wanted Nick out for a while. It seems that Jackson is going to table the sentiment that he needs to have Christie evicted this week.

Jackson has a lot of confidence that he can win Head of Household next week, so he is already laying out plans for how to get Christie out later. Removing Nick this week gives the duo one fewer obstacle when it comes to making it all the way to the Big Brother 21 finale.

Meanwhile, the pie pranking continues in the BB21 house.

Nick just doesn’t have the support to remain in the house and it appears that Christie is about to survive another Eviction Ceremony. Jackson still has to host the Veto Ceremony later on Monday, so there is the potential that things could shift and new Big Brother spoilers could surface, but it seems very likely that the Power of Veto will not be used this week.

Big Brother airs new CBS episodes each Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday night.

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