Big Brother spoilers: Updates from live feeds ahead of eviction vote

Jackson Thinking On BB21
Jackson Michie thinking about his next move on Big Brother 21. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers have been coming out on the live feeds for the past few days as the cast works toward a very important eviction vote on September 12. Some of that information will get revealed during the September 11 episode.

What might be the most important piece of information is that the Veto Competition took place and the Power of Veto has been used this week. That all has a direct impact on who is heading to the BB21 jury house next.

Jackson Michie is the Head of Household this week and he nominated Cliff Hogg and Tommy Bracco for eviction. Everyone then played for the POV, which happens when there are only five people left in the game.

Who won the Power of Veto?

Nicole Anthony won the POV this week and then used it to save Cliff from the block. Jackson had to name Holly Allen as the replacement nominee, meaning Holly and Tommy are up for eviction.

Tommy reveals his secret and makes a deal

In an effort to save himself in the game, Tommy made several moves over the past few days. One of those moves was to reveal his secret to Jackson and Holly. He hasn’t told Cliff and Nicole that secret, though, so it could be held against him if they learn about it before he tells them. Maybe they already know?

Tommy also approached Cliff and Nicole about making a final three deal with them. He promised to throw the upcoming HOH Competition if they keep him and evict Holly. Tommy also stated that he will try to win the POV and let them control how it gets used in an effort to evict Jackson next.

Despite all the Big Brother spoilers and information coming from the live feeds, including Jackson putting together a plan to turn Nicole and Cliff against Tommy (rather than in favor of Holly), the duo in charge still doesn’t know what they plan to do.

On Thursday night, Cliff and Nicole have the only votes at the Eviction Ceremony. They keep going back and forth about who to keep and who to evict, so it might come down to the final hours before they make that choice. It’s going to lead to an exciting eviction, no matter who they go with.

Big Brother airs new CBS episodes each Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday night.