Big Brother spoilers: POV winner holds all the power, nominee has idea

Christie And Sis On BB21
Christie Murphy and Analyse Talavera chatting in Big Brother 21 house. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds have presented a lot of interesting information this weekend. It includes revealing who won the Power of Veto and what the winner plans to do with that power.

There have also been a lot of discussions taking place between the two nominees, each hoping that they can find their way off the block at the Veto Ceremony. It could be a very interesting day on Monday.

On Saturday, HOH Jackson Michie won the Power of Veto. He became the third HOH of the summer 2019 season to also win the POV during their week in power. It has led to some uneventful Veto Ceremonies. Is that going to be the case again?

Christie Murphy and Analyse Talavera were the two nominees this week. Jackson made those nominees and appears pretty content with keeping them that way. He wants Christie in the BB21 jury house as soon as possible.

Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds: Sis has an idea

So what happens when the two nominees are friends? Desperation sets in. Christie and Sis stated that they weren’t going to campaign against each other, but that was also before the Veto Competition took place.

Now, a last-ditch idea is going to be attempted. Sis wants Tommy Bracco to go to Holly Allen and try to convince Holly to go to Jackson with a reason to use the Power of Veto. Sis wants to sell Jackson on the idea of putting the Six Shooters back together. It’s unlikely to work, but Sis is willing to try it to see if the Veto Ceremony can go her way.

The ultimate plan would be to have Jackson save Christie from the block and put up Nicole Anthony in her place. Sis is then convinced that Nicole would be the one sent to the jury house. She feels so confident in her house friendships that she is even willing to stay on the block.

Big Brother spoilers to come from Veto Ceremony

The Veto Ceremony takes place on Monday, meaning time is running out for Analyse or Christie to convince Jackson to change his tactics. They could approach him later on Sunday to try to get this plan in motion, but they need Tommy to sell it well.

Will he succeed? Will the POV get used? Everyone will find out for sure on Monday, which could lead to some exciting Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds.

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