Big Brother spoilers: New noms plan already, and who is HOH on Big Brother?

Kat Evicted From BB21
Kathryn Dunn after getting evicted from Big Brother 21. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Big Brother spoilers already present some new information from the live feeds on Friday morning. In the overnight hours, at roughly 3 a.m. PT to be exact, one nomination plan was being formed. Now there may be a new one in place.

Who is HOH on Big Brother?

Jackson Michie is the new Head of Household. He won an Endurance Challange late Thursday night that put him in the power position. He began chatting with Holly Allen about his nomination plans and came up with an idea.

Jackson wanted to target Christie Murphy, but also tell her that she is his primary target. He then wanted to put Cliff Hogg next to her on the block to make sure she got sent to the BB21 jury. If she found a way to be saved by the Power of Veto, Jackson was ready to put Tommy Bracco on the block in her place.

Now, on Friday morning, Jackson has awoken with a new plan that he has discussed with Holly.

Big Brother spoilers: Jackson’s new nomination plan

As of roughly 11 a.m. PT on Friday, Jackson wants to put Christie and Analyse Talavera on the block. He wants to get one of them out of the house immediately and feels that this is the best way to make it happen.

The primary target for Jackson is still going to be Christie and he doesn’t plan on keeping that a secret in the Big Brother house. It should be very interesting to see how Christie reacts to the news and then to getting put on the block at the Nomination Ceremony. Tears are expected.

Holly is still not sure about this plan, as she thinks that Nick Maccarone should be on the block, presumably next to Christie. That would ensure a big target gets evicted on Thursday night. Jackson is focused on Christie and Sis for now.

It’s also still pretty early on Friday, so things could change again before the eviction targets are officially set.

An extended interview with Kathryn Dunn was also shared by CBS following her eviction. She goes into more detail about her time in the house and even gets to see some goodbye messages from the people conspiring against her.

Big Brother airs new CBS episodes on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

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