Big Brother spoilers: Live feeds reveal Eviction Ceremony voting hints

Jackson In BB21 Diary Room
Jackson Michie in Big Brother 21 Diary Room. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Big Brother spoilers coming from the live feeds reveal a lot of information about the upcoming Eviction Ceremony. A lot of thought is going toward the vote, with both houseguests on the block being potential targets.

The Power of Veto was used on Monday, setting the stage for a very intriguing eviction on Thursday night. But a certain reality has also set in, in that the only two houseguests with votes are not certain on their plan.

Nicole Anthony won the POV this week, giving her the power to save Cliff Hogg from the block. That’s what she did, forcing Jackson Michie to name Holly Allen as the replacement nominee.

Now, Cliff and Nicole have to decide if they are going to evict Holly or Tommy Bracco on Thursday night. At different times this week, they have courted thoughts of going in each direction.

Big Brother spoilers from live feeds continue to evolve

Nicole and Cliff spoke about how it could be a big move to break up the showmance of Jackson and Holly. The idea here would be that Jackson cannot play in the next Head of Household Competition. If they could get Tommy on their side, then it would be an easier route for them to both make it to the final three.

If they kept Holly, she might be an easier competitor to defeat for the next HOH, but she would definitely remain loyal to Jackson. By keeping Holly, Cliff and Nicole would also be honoring the final four deal that they made with the showmance a few weeks ago.

When Nicole and Cliff spoke with Tommy, he basically said everything they wanted to hear. It’s not clear whether he was just playing the game and acting for them or whether he would really stick with them. It’s something that Nicole and Cliff will have to continue to think about.

Part of that conversation involved the trio speaking about how none of them would want to face off against Michie in the final three. He has proven to be very dominant in competitions lately and that would be a really hard scenario for them to all survive. The plan would be to get Holly out now and follow her with Jackson the very next week.

Big Brother spoilers: Tommy offers a deal

Something to really take away from this late-night chat is that Tommy said he would throw the next HOH Competition if Cliff and Nicole kept him. He would also make sure that it was Jackson getting evicted if he won the POV. That’s a great deal for Cliff and Nicole, but they still have to figure out if Tommy is just using them.

Late Monday night and early Tuesday morning, Cliff was taking the time to speak directly to the cameras. He mentioned how it would be “amazing” if the final duo left in the game was himself and Nicole. That’s certainly a possible outcome this week.

Though these latest Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds point toward two different scenarios, it shows that Nicole Anthony and Cliff Hogg are putting a lot of thought into the decision. But will they send the right person to the BB21 jury this week?

Big Brother airs new episodes each Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

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