Big Brother spoilers: HOH nominations building to drama in house?

Sis On BB21 Field Trip
Analyse Talavera on the Big Brother 21 Field Trip. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers about the HOH nominations already revealed who is on the block this week. But now it appears that there could be a lot of drama brewing beneath the surface. It may have already started Saturday morning.

For readers who haven’t learned who won the HOH Competition this week, it was Jackson Michie. He won the Endurance Challenge that took place after the CBS episode on Thursday night.

On Friday, Jackson was tasked with nominating two people for eviction. After several long chats with showmance partner Holly Allen, Jackson ended up nominating Christie Murphy and Analyse Talavera for eviction.

At first, Christie seems to take it in stride, as she had to expect that she was about to go up on the block. But it’s also possible that she had believed Tommy Bracco when he tried to convince her they were getting the Six Shooters back together again.

Big Brother spoilers: HOH nominations fallout

Christie and Analyse appeared ready to remain calm this week, even though Sis did a lot of crying following the Nomination Ceremony. But on Saturday morning, Christie started crying a lot, even stating on the CBS live feeds that “nothing is real” in the house.

Due to Christie and Analyse being pretty close and promising not to campaign against each other, they are starting to work each other up. This could lead to an eventual blowup in the house, especially as an important Veto Competition approaches.

Big Brother 2019 cast turmoil: Did Christie turn on Nick?

Christie is trying to figure out why Nick Maccarone isn’t on the block with her. She can’t wrap her mind around why Jackson wouldn’t nominate Nick and now it has led to a lot of new distrust in the house.

It appears that Christie is now convinced that Nick made a deal. He didn’t really make one, though, and is pretty frustrated by Christie’s allegations.


The Veto Competition will take place later on Saturday, but there could be a buildup of emotions until that point. It’s going to be very interesting to see what takes place over the next 12 hours in the house. That could lead to even more information and drama coming out on the live feeds. Stay tuned folks!

Big Brother 21 airs episodes on CBS each Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

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