Big Brother Season 21: Schedule change, update on spoilers in house

Ovi And David On BB21
Ovi Kabir and David Alexander are in Big Brother 21 Camp Comeback. Sonja Flemming/CBS

The Big Brother Season 21 schedule has a break from new episodes for a while. The next episode of Big Brother doesn’t take place until Sunday, July 7, when CBS presents a new hour-long installment of the show.

A lot has taken place in the game over the past few days, some of which got covered during two episodes this week. There have been additional revelations on the Big Brother live feeds that have helped fans follow along.

Who got evicted from Big Brother this week?

Ovi Kabir was evicted by the BB21 cast this week. He was sent packing in a 12-0 vote over Kathryn Dunn, who HOH Christie Murphy had placed on the block.

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Ovi isn’t gone, though, as he has just been sent to Camp Comeback for a few weeks. He will soon get a chance to return to the game. So will David Alexander.

Who is the new Head of Household?

A new HOH Competition was held on Wednesday night (July 3). In a trivia game, Jack Matthews beat out Jessica Milagros in the final question. Jack now gets to nominate two people for eviction.

Jack had some unkind things to say about Jessica behind her back, leading to her husband posting about him online.

Who is Jack’s target for eviction?

Last week, Jack really wanted Kemi Faknule out of the game. He may push to have her evicted this week, especially if he can’t figure out which direction the house should go while he is the HOH.

Jack’s Nomination Ceremony will yield some Big Brother live feed spoilers before the end of the week.

When is the Second Whacktivity Competition?

Five members of the BB21 cast will play in the second Whacktivity Competition this week. It will take place before the Nomination Ceremony, leading to a new houseguest getting a secret power. It will be interesting to see what that new power ends up being. It will be officially revealed during the July 7 episode.

The Big Brother air time has been altered, with CBS shifting the times and dates for a few upcoming episodes. With a new competition each week, it means there is also going to be a lot of ground to cover during episodes. Hopefully, producers spend some time dealing with Camp Comeback, as it is an interesting wrinkle this season.

Regarding that Big Brother Season 21 schedule change, it will lead to episodes being on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Big Brother 21 returns on Sunday with a new CBS episode.

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