Big Brother Power of Veto winner will have to wait for Veto Ceremony

Nicole Looking Glum BB21
HOH Nicole Anthony in the Big Brother 21 house. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube

The Big Brother Power of Veto winner didn’t get to host the Veto Ceremony on Monday. The meeting has been delayed, but the houseguests haven’t been told why that has happened.

It may not matter that much that there will be a delay, as the Power of Veto winner already has a plan that they plan to carry out. This is where the primary target for eviction will be revealed.

Over the weekend, Jackson Michie won the POV. Jackson and Holly Allen had been nominated by Head of Household Nicole Anthony, but now Jackson has wrestled the power away from her.

Jackson was playing around with the thought of saving Holly from the block. In that scenario, Holly would then get to decide whether she wanted to evict Jackson or Cliff Hogg during the next Eviction Ceremony.

Power of Veto winner has a plan

Jackson is going to use the POV to save himself. That will force Nicole to put Cliff on the block. Cliff and Holly will become the final nominees for the week, leaving Jackson as the only voter.

As seen on the live feeds, Jackson told Holly that he has no plans to honor his deal with Cliff. Jackson will send him to the BB21 jury house and take Holly with him to the final three.

There weren’t many fans of the show that believed Jackson would honor his final two deal with Cliff, even when he started telling everyone that he wasn’t working with Holly. There is an equal number of fans frustrated that Cliff and Nicole fell for all of his lies this season.

The Veto Ceremony could now take place on Tuesday (September 17), with the results getting revealed on the CBS live feeds. Maybe something interesting can take place in the house before that moment, but the most likely scenario is that Cliff is going to become the eighth member of the BB21 jury.

Big Brother airs new CBS episodes on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

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