Big Brother live feeds updates: Spoilers about eviction choice confirmed

Julie Chen Hosting For BB21
Julie Chen Moonves hosted Big Brother 21. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

New Big Brother live feeds updates come from Thursday morning in the house. It seems that Cliff Hogg and Nicole Anthony may have officially settled on who they are going to evict on Thursday night.

It was a struggle for most of the week, as they could not figure out if it was better to evict Holly Allen or Tommy Bracco. Since the Veto Competition actually took place on Saturday, they have had a long time to think about it.

Late Wednesday night and into the early morning hours of Thursday, Cliff and Nicole had discussed their choice, with Cliff stating at that point that he was ready to save Holly. They decided they should sleep on it, though.

Now, as the houseguests are finally stirring on Thursday, it appears that Nicole and Cliff are ready to place their eviction votes.

Big Brother live feeds updates: Spoilers reveal vote prediction

Jackson Michie offered a deal to Nicole and Cliff. He said he would take them to the final three. Holly also told them that she doesn’t mind going home next week, as she just wanted to survive this Eviction Ceremony.

If they are telling the truth, then Holly will throw the HOH Competition and Jackson will give Cliff and Nicole control over the Power of Veto. Will Jackson, who keeps claiming that people need to play the game morally, stick to his word?

Nicole and Cliff aren’t sure they can trust Tommy, which is not surprising since he has been keeping a secret all summer. It has led them to the conclusion that they need to evict Tommy and honor their final four deal with Jackson and Holly.

The Big Brother schedule of episodes continues on September 12, when a huge Eviction Ceremony takes place. Someone is heading to join the BB21 jury and the latest live feeds updates point to that person being Tommy Bracco. With so much time left in the day, though, it’s possible that things could still shift again.

Big Brother has new CBS episodes on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

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