Big Brother HOH results: Delay in live feed spoilers

A Jackson And Holly Pic
Jackson Michie and Holly Allen hanging out in Big Brother 21 house. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube

Big Brother HOH results may have to wait. A delay in the live feed spoilers is taking place following the Double Eviction episode on Thursday night.

It was thought that the latest Head of Household Competition might take place late Thursday evening, but it didn’t happen. Instead, it looks like that could be delayed until some point on Friday (September 6).

Host Julie Chen Moonves did hint that Bayleigh Dayton and Swaggy C from Big Brother 20 are going to serve as the hosts. They will likely greet the houseguests on Friday, following some cleanup from the long Double Eviction.

Information instead of live feed spoilers?

Social media wasn’t very quiet on Thursday night, despite no HOH Competition taking place. First, the live feeds went down for about two hours, so something may have happened inside the house.

Later, the exit interviews for Jessica Milagros and Christie Murphy were released. Christie spoke about how pleased she was with Taco Tuesday, while Jessica talked about achieving her goals.

Jackson Michie, Holly Allen, Cliff Hogg, Nicole Anthony, and Tommy Bracco are the final five houseguests this season. One of them is going to win the $500,000 and get named the Big Brother 21 winner on September 25.

There will be a lot of live feed spoilers over the next few days that start to forecast what is going to take place next. First, four houseguests, without Nicole, will play for the HOH. Then, someone will nominate two people for eviction.

Over the weekend, they will all play for the Power of Veto, setting up who will be on the block for the Eviction Ceremony next week.

Meanwhile, there are six people in the BB21 jury house now, so there could be some interesting footage to start showing from there. Are Jack Matthews and Analyse Talavera still together? Is Christie going to be grumpy? We will all find out together.

Big Brother has new CBS episodes each Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

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