Big Brother cast Season 21: 2019 interviews delayed by flight issues?

Jeff Schroeder And Steve Moses
Jeff Schroeder Big Brother interview of Steve Moses for Season 17. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube

The Big Brother cast for Season 21 is supposed to be revealed today. But the 2019 interviews may be facing some delays due to the interviewer working through a canceled flight.

Maybe these potential Big Brother 21 spoilers are just to ramp up the excitement and get people buzzing about the BB21 cast a bit early. Or maybe it is indicative of what could take place.

Former houseguest Jeff Schroeder, who is revealing the cast interviews on June 17, posted something to his Instagram story that has people talking.

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“Flight cancelled. Sleeping on dirty airport floor. Somehow have to interviews at 8am in LA? Thanks @united.[sic]”

So what does it all mean? Well, Jeff is supposed to be doing interviews with the BB21 cast, all of which should appear on the CBS live feeds. A post he made to Twitter about it is shared below.

Big Brother cast: Season 21 rumors

There has been a lot of interest ahead of the summer 2019 season, with a number of rumors and potential spoilers getting posted online. It has been suggested that showmances, All-Stars, duos, and even a fan vote could play into the BB21 cast.

Nothing has been confirmed by the production team or casting director Robyn Kass, but it has led to an interesting few weeks for fans on social media. When Jeff Schroeder finally presents his cast interviews, it should answer questions about the Season 21 rumors.

Big Brother cast: Season 21 interviews might leave questions

So just how many BB21 cast interviews are going to appear this morning (June 17)? That’s a good question. What would happen if only 12 interviews were shown, indicating that there could be some hidden returners this summer?

During a typical season of the show, there are around 16 people playing the game. 16 people made up the Big Brother 20 cast, but none of them were returners. If it turns out that not everyone gets an interview this time, it’s definitely going to create a new flood of rumors online.

Big Brother cast for Season 21 appears in the first CBS episode on Tuesday, June 25.

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