Big Brother 2019 cast: Are answers coming from production today?

Big Brother 2019 Host Julie Chen
Big Brother 21 host Julie Chen. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube

Big Brother 2019 cast news might be coming out today. Could fans finally get answers to the questions that keep getting asked on social media?

Former houseguest Jeff Schroeder has an announcement that he will be sharing on Monday. He didn’t reveal too many details about what it will entail, but it sure has the internet buzzing.

It’s possible that some concrete information or heavy hints about the BB21 cast are going to be revealed by Jeff. It’s also possible that he is only going to reveal information about the theme, which may not address any of the cast questions.

Big Brother 2019 cast: Will veterans return?

The biggest question, ahead of Jeff’s announcement, is whether veteran houseguests are returning to the game. There have been Big Brother rumors about a season based on showmances, about fans voting on who they want to return, and even a full season of All-Stars.

The only thing known for sure is that host Julie Chen is coming back for another season. That piece of information has been confirmed by CBS, keeping some continuity with the reality competition show.

For the Big Brother 20 season (last summer), the production team put a whole new group of people inside the house. Kaycee Clark ended up getting named the winner as she beat out Tyler Crispen with the jury vote.

What will the BB21 cast entail?

While there are a lot of rumors online, casting director Robyn Kass hasn’t revealed anything yet. Neither has production or Julie Chen. It’s creating a lot of buildup for the coming season, especially with Kass making a lot of Twitter posts about this spring. Her post below from Sunday was very simple, depicting an hourglass.

So who is going to be a part of the Big Brother 2019 cast? Hopefully, Jeff Schroeder reveals something for fans to chat about. But it’s possible that his announcement has nothing to do with the BB21 cast. If it doesn’t, fans won’t have to wait too much longer, as the new houseguests have to be sequestered soon.

Big Brother 2019 airs its first episode on CBS on Tuesday, June 25.

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