Big Brother 20 spoilers: Who wins HoH in week 11?

Tyler Crispen chatting with JC in the HoH room
Tyler Crispen is the outgoing HoH and can’t play in the competition — Pic credit: CBS

Tyler is the outgoing HoH on week 10 of Big Brother 20, so he can’t win again in week 11. That leaves the remaining six players fighting for control of the BB20 house this week.

Level 6 (now four) is sitting pretty right now after sending Scottie Salton out the door again with a unanimous vote and headed back to the jury house. On his way out, Tyler confessed that he had the other app but didn’t even have to use it.

Tyler urged Scottie to go back to jury and “tell that” to his friends. It might be interesting how sharing that info might affect his jury management.

The new Head of Household competition called “Shell of Highwater” had the houseguests maneuvering fake pearls down a ramp carefully until they sink the pearl into an oyster. The first houseguest to place three pearls on the three oyster wins.

Kaycee was the first BB20 houseguest to get a pearl on the oyster. She was quickly followed by Brett and Angela. By the time Sam got one pearl set, Kaycee was working on her third pearl.

Kaycee won the “Shell of Highwater” Head of Household competition by one second. Brett was right there on her heels.

It didn’t take long for Kaycee to get all three pearls set, making her the Head of Household for week 11. This is her first HoH win this season and her third win overall.

Previously, Kaycee won two Power of Veto competitions in a row. With this HoH win, it means she’s definitely setting herself up as a contender to win Big Brother 20 after spending the first half of the season floating along with the aid of her alliance.