Big Brother 20 spoilers: Faysal blasts Angela during BB20 live eviction, shouts out Fessy Fitness app

Faysal on BIg Brother 20
Fessy finally showed up on Big Brother 20 and it was too late

Tonight on Big Brother 20, the remaining houseguests had to pick between Haleigh or Fessy to send to the jury house. Going into the BB20 live eviction, everyone knew it would be Fessy headed out the door and when the time came to give his last speech, he was ready.

Faysal stood up and, instead of begging the house to vote out Haleigh, he threw out a plug for his Fessy Fitness app and then turned his attention to Angela. In total Brett-style, Faysal Shafaat finally grew a backbone and took aim — throwing Angela squarely under the bus.

At first, he went personal, talking about how Angela has never had to work for anything in her life. Then he got to the point.

Fessy told the rest of the house exactly what went down between himself and Angela when he was Head of Household the prior week. He told them that Angela wanted to put Sam on the block and send her home because “she was annoying.”

He also exposed what Angela said about Brett and Tyler, telling them Angela said, “Don’t worry about Brett. I can threaten him into doing whatever I want and you’ve already seen what I made Tyler do with the veto.”

Fessy reminded them that he’s never lied or misled anyone in the Big Brother house and also that their families are watching. After telling the remaining Big Brother 20 contestants that Angela was basically treating them like dogs, he ended the speech with, “So just handle that. Straight like that, that’s all I got.”

Of course, the response to Fessy’s live eviction speech has been epic and Angela had it coming. Some BB20 fans on social media were so impressed with the speech that they even said they were headed to rate his Fessy Fitness app with a 5-star rating.

While basing an app rating on someone’s reality TV career probably isn’t advisable, the timing is right. After the app was recently discovered by Big Brother fans, many who don’t care for Fessy started giving the app with 1-star ratings.

Prior to the discovery, the Fessy Fitness app had a 5-star rating and the reviews were mostly positive. After Big Brother trolls started voting it down, Faysal’s app lost a full star, which could potentially mean a loss of revenue from the fitness app due to fake reviews.

There’s not been any evidence that production suggested that he plug the Fessy Fitness app so he must have just done it because he knew he was leaving. In any case, the plug on prime time was the perfect touch.

It’s been a big night for the substitute teacher from Orlando and it’s so great that he went out with a bang. Fessy didn’t win the battle back but he may have actually made a change in the way the rest of Big Brother 20 plays out because remember, their family is watching.

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