Beyond the Pole exclusive: Summer confronts LaBri when she moves in on Yung Joc

LaBri on Beyond the Pole
LaBri knows she moved in on Summer’s territory on Beyond the Pole. Pic credit: WEtv

WEtv’s newest series Beyond The Pole follows six Atlanta strippers as they work to start businesses off the pole but that doesn’t stop the drama while they’re on it.

In this exclusive sneak peek from the debut episode, we see just how territorial these dancers can get when LaBri invades Summer’s area and Yung Joc decides to let them both dance.

At the beginning of the Beyond the Pole preview, we see Summer dancing for Yung Joc and a group of his friends. Everyone seems to be having a good time and the dollar bills are flowing.

That’s likely why LaBri made her move, dancing up on Joc and striking up a conversation. Yung Joc seems interested in the young dancer, which is a nightmare for Summer, who claimed her territory already and was busy working her assets for the group.

In the confessional, LaBri revealed that she was actually invited to dance for Yung Joc at this club when he saw her dancing at Goosebumps, which is another Gentleman’s Club in Atlanta.

That invite didn’t seem to matter much to Summer, who was busy working the pole when LaBri made her entrance. And when Summer saw Joc flinging dollar bills at the other woman, she was not happy.

“What the f**k,” Summer said, still on the pole.

In the confessional, LaBri says, “Another girl tried to confront me about him. So that was funny to me because I just… I don’t know.. It was funny.”

Then, the confrontation from Beyond the Pole was shown as Summer climbed down from the pole. “What the f**k really going on?” She asked, sizing LaBri up.

Yung Joc chimed in, making it clear that he was appreciating what both women had going on. Then, he even told Summer that there “was enough to go around.”

That didn’t sit well with Summer though, who seemed to think she had claimed Joc and his group for herself.

Jumping back to the confessional, LaBri admitted that she was also territorial when it came to the people she was dancing for but in this case, things were a little bit different.

This isn’t her normal club so she wasn’t sure how things were done there and Yung Joc invited her to dance for him and didn’t seem bothered to have two girls dancing up on him.

Even though Yung Joc is dropping enough money to keep both dancers happy, Summer is still really upset and keeps talking trash to one of the men who was sitting with Joc.

She keeps fussing at Joc about LaBri dancing near her, which is her loss because as she kept complaining, Joc kept throwing money at LaBri.

Summer and Joc clearly have some sort of relationship, as she revealed during her spat with the LHHATL rapper that she saw him “every Tuesday.” She obviously sees him as a regular so when he invited another girl to dance for him in her club, it didn’t go over well.

Summer went from being upset with LaBri to warning Yung Joc that she was angry and they would speak later.

She continued to complain until she struck a nerve with the usually laid-back Joc, who told her to “You need to check yourself! You know what you need to do? Put your f**king eyes on your lip and watch your mouth.”

It’s just the beginning and already, there is drama between two dancers before they even make it “beyond the pole.”

Beyond the Pole airs Thursdays at 9/8c on WEtv. 

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