Beyond The Pole exclusive: Dime and Lyric cannot get along

Beyond the Pole is coming back to WE tv. As each of the hard-working ladies of Atlanta has revealed more of their personal stories, we see that sometimes a bit of distance and some boundaries are essential to keep the club and the sisterhood of former dancers in a happy place. In a confrontational exclusive


Beyond the Pole exclusive: Stormy and LeaLea face off!

Sometimes two people just can’t get along, and that seems to be the case for LeaLea and Stormy Wellington. On the latest Beyond the Pole exclusive sneak peek, the ladies are all gathered at Stormy’s house when LeaLea loses her cool and lashes out at the life coach before storming out the front door. As


Beyond the Pole cast: Who’s who on the reality show?

Beyond the Pole has already aired four episodes of the first season on WEtv and as each of the ladies gets deeper into telling their own story, we’re getting to know the cast even better. The purpose of the show is to introduce some of Atlanta’s hottest dancers and to allow viewers to get to


Beyond the Pole exclusive: Will LingLing end up on the street?

On the new series, Beyond the Pole, the women have revealed that dancing makes them good money – really good money. But without the rest of her life stable, LingLing is having a hard time focusing on what is most important. With no place to live, LingLing was worried she might have to quit the


Beyond the Pole exclusive: Summer confronts LaBri when she moves in on Yung Joc

WEtv’s newest series Beyond The Pole follows six Atlanta strippers as they work to start businesses off the pole but that doesn’t stop the drama while they’re on it. In this exclusive sneak peek from the debut episode, we see just how territorial these dancers can get when LaBri invades Summer’s area and Yung Joc