Beyond The Pole exclusive: Dime and Lyric cannot get along

Dime is angry
Dime is being counseled by Shante to calm down about Lyric. Pic credit: WE tv

Beyond the Pole is coming back to WE tv. As each of the hard-working ladies of Atlanta has revealed more of their personal stories, we see that sometimes a bit of distance and some boundaries are essential to keep the club and the sisterhood of former dancers in a happy place.

In a confrontational exclusive preview for Monsters & Critics, Dime wants to settle things with Lyric in privacy privately.

Lyric is interviewed, and she is playing like she has no clue why Dime is having a moment. As for showrunner Shante Paige, she is trying to film her TV series and mediate this potential brawl.

Beyond The Pole

Atlanta’s hottest dancers have transitioned from working in the club to life Beyond the Pole. Friendships are put to the test as finances are strapped, but these ladies seem to work it out together, as their common bond is to survive in costly Atlanta.

The series introduced some of the region’s most athletic and best dancers to the audience. Their lives as exotic dancers are not very long, and viewers get an insider look at how they navigate after their club life and life “beyond the pole.”

The stories are compelling, with a focus on existing and former dancers, bottle girls, and the club employees all struggling after the coronavirus pandemic pretty much ended all the nightlife. Age is a dancer’s enemy, and these women have to figure out their “plan B” careers after the dollars stop raining.

Dime and Lyric

Beyond the Pole will feature the former stripper Dime who is now 35 years-old.

Dime’s real name is Nefertiti Banks and she was a Blue Flame Lounge dancer for eight years. Formerly, she was a hospital employee. She had to quit dancing to pay her bills.

She told the Atlanta Constitutional Journal, “I was living a double life. My family did not know that I was a dancer. They only knew I worked at a hospital and went to college. But the jobs I had weren’t paying the bills. I had a small daughter at the time.”

Now, she is a truck dispatcher and still featured on the series.

As for Lyric, she too danced previously at Onyx and Magic City for about seven years. It has been three years since she danced and has transitioned to running her own business, a hair salon, and doing some life coaching work.

Also on the premiere

Empress reveals the unexpected identity of her child’s father. Dime and Lyric’s bad blood continues, and Angel is on the outs now with Empress when she makes a “surprising choice.” Empress’ gender reveal party is thwarted when it turns into an intervention.

Beyond the Pole airs Thursday, beginning on July 1st at 11/10c on WE tv.

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