Berlin Station exclusive: Daniel and Esther cook up a deal in the kitchen

Richard Armitage, Mina Tander
Daniel needs something from Esther, as she needs something from him. Will they survive as lovers?

On tonight’s heart-stopping edition of Berlin Station, we see Daniel Miller (Richard Armitage) and Esther Krug (Mina Tander) cooking up more than a snack in the kitchen. Our exclusive clip reveals their relationship has progressed to an intimate level.

The episode is aptly titled Right and Wrong, as April (Keke Palmer) is experiencing flashbacks and is on the fence about revealing to Robert (Leland Orser) about Hector’s (Rhys Ifans) true mission, all while Daniel is working quietly to ensure that Hector gets safe passage from the city with help from his peer and now lover, Esther.

No spoilers from us, but up to this point the op to remove Katerina from the political scene has — for all intents and purposes — failed, with Otto Ganz now out of the picture.

But we learn more tonight about why April is conflicted about revealing what she overheard from Hector and Lena to Robert (Leland Orser).

Meanwhile, the tension is mounting between Ambassador Hanes, a pro-Katerina sympathizer and Steven Frost (Richard Jenkins) who is now demanding answers regarding Fischer’s money laundering.

Our clip is a tease that shows how quickly things progressed from last week between Daniel and Esther but will they remain close to each other in tonight’s quid pro quo play that has them dealing in the fates of Hector and Lena?

Robert, too, is now in the position to have to explain to Daniel and April about the station’s latest twist in the operation. What comes of all this misinformation and “need to know” intel may just create a lethal and shocking twist in the episode.

Berlin Station airs Sunday at 9/8c on Epix.

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