Berlin Station exclusive clip: BB Yates tested and Esther wants answers from Daniel

Mina Tander
Esther calls a meeting with Daniel and wants answers on her missing operative in Ganz’ crew

On Berlin Station tonight, our exclusive clip reveals a clandestine meeting with Daniel Miller (Richard Armitage) called by an irate Esther Krug (Mina Tander) inside a dimly lit grocery store warehouse.

She wants answers on her missing operative and Daniel’s plans on how, exactly, he will keep tabs on Otto Ganz (Thomas Kretschmann) and his crew, who are planning a secret terrorist act to coincide with Katerina Gerhardt’s (Natalia Wörner) election.

This move by Ganz is designed to cause confusion and garner sympathy to Gerhardt’s fascist protectionist rhetoric with the electorate.

It comes on the heels of Robert Kirsch (Leland Orser) fuming last week after Esther put him on the spot with BB Yates over “Chevalier”, which he knew was one of Hector’s aliases. Awkward!

Even more awkward is the growing animus between Ambassador Hanes and Robert. The right-of-center ambassador thinks it would be terrific for Germany if Katerina was elected Chancellor.

Robert also has his son Noah (Brandon Spink) staying, who demands attention, AND Hector back in Berlin and threatening him…not to mention “the logistics” of BB and Robert’s casual fling-to-be-continued. Robert is very busy!

This week’s episode ‘Do the Right Thing’ shows how Katerina Gerhardt’s popularity is ramping up with her nationalist stance and restrictions proposed on immigration.

Last week her aide Joseph was trying to win the confidence of Valerie (Michelle Forbes) when the bug was discovered that April planted.

Tonight, BB Yates’s past is revisited from 2010 where she reveals some traumatic childhood separation memories. The ongoing Berlin Station Far Right covert op is being guarded by BB closely as Ambassador Hanes arranges a lunch meeting with Frost and himself, as he point-blank puts her on the spot and challenges her decisions.

Interestingly a chink in Otto Ganz’ armor is revealed tonight too, as Daniel discovers a lack of trust between Otto and his daughter.

Berlin Station airs Sunday at 9pm on EPIX.

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