Bering Sea Gold Season 8 premieres as Zeke has his eye on the mysterious Sledge Island

Sledge Island tempts Zeke on Bearing Sea Gold
Sledge Island tempts Zeke on Bering Sea Gold. Credit: NOAA

Bering Sea Gold is back for Season 8, as the summer mining season gets rolling once again and these adventurous souls dredge the Bering Sea for gold.

However, slim picking in Nome leads some of the miners to seek out more remote and extreme spots as they look for the ever-elusive gold.

Zeke Tenhoff is self taught and started this business determined to make a living for himself. He’s proved to have a real knack for finding hot spots but even he is find some of the traditional areas tough going.

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Zeke Tenhoff is looking beyond Nome for gold
Zeke  is looking beyond Nome for gold

He reckons all the gold within a few miles of Nome is gone. If there are any big finds to be had they are going to 20-50 miles up or down the coast.

The idea of dredging near Sledge Island also appeals to him, though he is aware that it is an expensive and dangerous place to expore. The island is the 20 miles off the coast and used to be a whaling post, though now it is abandoned.

Sledge Island off the coast of Alaska
Sledge Island off the coast of Alaska

According to Zeke, there are lots of strange stories about a plane crash and the island being haunted – but it is the story of a 1960s drill hole coming up with gold that makes his eyes glint!

However, the island is part of the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge so any commercial activity near it is bound to come with a lot of red tape.

Expect plenty of drama this season as the miners take even greater risks in the hope of striking it rich.

Watch Bering Sea Gold – Uncharted Waters at 10 PM on Discovery.

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