Bering Sea Gold: Haul for the Kellys plus season scoreboard

On tonight’s Bering Sea Gold episode titled Lady Luck the Kellys finally strike gold — only to find that their light goes out. The Kellys are waaaay behind on the scoreboard season gold tally before this week’s episode with a tiny 1.75oz haul worth a measly $2,275. They’ve got a lot of catching up to do


Bering Sea Gold: Fortune plummets right back into the ocean

On Bering Sea Gold tonight, watch as Zeke Tenhoff’s sluice breaks down and pumps a potential fortune right back down to the bottom of the ocean. Dredging for gold as a diver in these ice-cold waters is no easy business, but when you find out that everything you’ve been collecting is being lost that’s got


Bering Sea Gold is back as crews brave iciest of waters in hunt for mega riches

Bering Sea Gold is back tonight with an all-new season — as crews brave the iciest of waters in a search for mega riches. The first episode, titled Virgin Ground, sees Shawn Pomrenke — aka Mr Gold — continuing the hunt for a multi-million dollar fortune. There is $14million worth of it under the icy waters near