Shawn Pomrenke vs. Kris Kelly: Bering Sea Gold stars at war in new season

Shawn Pomrenke and Andy Kelly arguing on Bering Sea Gold
Shawn Pomrenke and Kris Kelly’s brother Andy confront each other on this season of Bering Sea Gold

Shawn Pomrenke and Kris Kelly are at war as Bering Sea Gold returns for its latest season — as their teams battle to find a fortune under the ice at a remote Alaskan area known as The Bluff.

The premiere episode sees a claim by Shawn for exclusive rights to mine the area denied. That means anyone willing and able to make the journey to the uninhabitable location with a dredge can head there to try and find the motherlode.

Mining rival Kris leaps at the opportunity and heads to the area despite having just shoddy equipment and his father Brad and brother Andy being less than excited about the prospect.

The new gold rush comes after Shawn, nicknamed Mr. Gold, was outbid by other miners for the Nome gold claim last season. Footage from the season ahead shows things get very heated between the teams.

In one scene Shawn loses it at Andy Kelly, yelling: “Did you find this? You want to come f***ing steal all my hard work?” At another point in the argument, Shawn asks Andy angrily: “What are you going to do you f***ing idiot?”

Another scene shows things coming to blows when Kris is confronted.

The new season of Bering Sea Gold also sees Shawn and his crew building a giant dredge bigger than anything on the Bering Sea — which could send his operation stratospheric, or sink it.

Meanwhile, Zeke Tenhoff and Emily Reidel, having cut ties with each other, are back trying to find gold separately at Hastings Creek. But if they both fail there — will they head to The Bluff as well?

Bering Sea Gold airs Fridays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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1 year ago

Chris Kelly…his Doofus father and brother have zero knowledge on finding gold! They claim jump and steal everyone’s hard work! There licenses should be taken…THEY ARE COMPLETE IDIOTS!!

1 year ago

Shawn is the Gold Guru!!!!!

1 year ago

Shawn rocks , , to bad he was fighting up against a big fat slob Shawn is definitely the golden boy

Last edited 1 year ago by Janet