Bering Sea Gold is back as crews brave iciest of waters in hunt for mega riches

Shawn in the new season of Bering Sea Gold
Shawn Pomrenke — aka Mr. Gold — in the all-new season of Bering Sea Gold

Bering Sea Gold is back tonight with an all-new season — as crews brave the iciest of waters in a search for mega riches.

The first episode, titled Virgin Ground, sees Shawn Pomrenke — aka Mr Gold — continuing the hunt for a multi-million dollar fortune.

There is $14million worth of it under the icy waters near Nome, Alaska, and Bering Sea Gold’s fortune-chasers will do anything to get it.

This season Shawn is taking things to the next level with a super-sized barge which is far bigger than his old one the Christine Rose.

Shawn hopes his new mining grounds will pay off, with other dredgers having to pay him a 20 per cent cut to use it.

He says: “For decades, my family has done things our own way. We took risks, and were finally able to buy our mining grounds.

“So now, if you want some gold, you’ve got to pay me.”

This isn’t your normal mining. To get the gold, prospectors have to dredge the sea floor for nuggets using divers and special dredging gear and barges.

But time is limited, as they have to try and collect as much as they possibly can before the water becomes too icy to dive.

Facing the possibility of death every time they head out, this motley crew are big risk-takers.

But will they be successful and come out with the ultimate prize?

Bering Sea Gold preview

Bering Sea Gold airs Fridays at 10/9c on Discovery. 

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