Andy Kelly has brush with death when faulty regulator leaves him with no air on Bering Sea Gold

Andy Kelly heads to surface after his diving regulator fails on Bering Sea Gold
Drama unfolds for the Kellys on Bering Sea Gold

This week on Bering Sea Gold, Andy Kelly nearly has a fatal accident when his air supply is interrupted as he dives under the sea ice.

Andy is diving under the thick ice that covers the Bering Sea when something goes wrong with his diving regulator. The regulator is the piece of equipment that goes in your mouth and controls the air flow from the tank. It’s the one piece of diving equipment you do not want to go wrong!

Andy on the surface with his head through the ice
Andy makes it to the surface

Usually they are very very reliable but clearly this one has some problems as its not the first time its played up and to make matters worse his  communications are down as well.

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Andy is forced head straight to the surface and luckily he manages to get to safety fairly quickly, though he looks genuinely scared when he gets his hood off.

Andy eating after his accident, looking stressed
A close call miles from any medical help

Brad is not impressed and thinks that using untested equipment miles from help is a recipe for an accident…

Bering Sea Gold airs on Fridays at 9:00 P.M. Discovery Channel.

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