Bering Sea Gold: Fortune plummets right back into the ocean

Emily totally slates Zeke's new sluice system on tonight's Bering Sea Gold
Emily totally slates Zeke’s new sluice system on tonight’s Bering Sea Gold

On Bering Sea Gold tonight, watch as Zeke Tenhoff’s sluice breaks down and pumps a potential fortune right back down to the bottom of the ocean.

Dredging for gold as a diver in these ice-cold waters is no easy business, but when you find out that everything you’ve been collecting is being lost that’s got to be hard to take.

Zeke is down at the sea bed pumping up rocks and bits of gold to the surface when Emily Riedel realizes something’s amiss with his sluice.

Instead of gently pumping the water across it at a rate that allows the debris to settle at the bottom, the pressure is far too high and everything is being pumped right across it — and falling right back through the ice at the other end.

Zeke recently came out with the brand new jet design but Emily calls it a “f***ing mess”, adding: “This is basically spraying gold out!”

She said: “You could pour like a 10oz bar into that sluice box and it wouldn’t recover it!”

She radios down to Zeke on the sea floor saying: “I think you should probably come up. Something’s going on so come up right now dude, so we can deal with it.”

Emily says: “This is the biggest nightmare you could possibly have.”

Zeke adds: “That whole I dive I was probably losing most of the gold that I was seeing. Apparently I made my jets wrong.”

The pair come up with a solution to try and fix the problem, but will it work?

Also on tonight’s Bering Sea Gold, the Kellys advance on a competitor’s claim and Shawn ‘Mr Gold’ Pomrenke has trouble with a hole.

Bering Sea Gold airs Fridays at 10/9c on Discovery.

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