Arrowverse casting: Jessica Jones alum to guest on Legends of Tomorrow, iZombie alum to guest on Supergirl

Rahul Kohli as Ravi in iZombie
Tony Chen will play Genghis Khan in the fifth episode of Legends of Tomorrow’s upcoming season. Pic credit: Netflix

Some exciting guest stars are visiting the Arrowverse!

Tony Chen to appear in Caity Lotz’s directorial debut

The fifth episode of Legends of Tomorrow will not only mark the directorial debut of series star Caity Lotz, but it will also include a guest turn by Tony Chen, who has previously appeared in shows such as Jessica Jones, The Expanse, and Van Helsing.

Chen will play the historical figure Genghis Khan in the episode, which is appropriately titled, “Mortal Khanbat,” TVLine reports.

Khan was one of the real-life baddies whose souls were collected by Astra (Olivia Swan) at the end of last season. In Legends’ upcoming fifth season, Astra will distribute those figures across time.

Khan will find himself in the 1990s Hong Kong, which he adapts to quickly. The Mongolian ruler will then proceed to continue his pursuit of world domination.

Rahul Kohli will (probably) reprise role on Supergirl

Rahul Kohli as Ravi in iZombie
iZombie’s Rahul Kohli posted a series of tweets that appear to tease his return to Supergirl. Pic credit: The CW

In a series of tweets, Rahul Kohli, who played Ravi on iZombie for five seasons, teased his return to Supergirl.

The first tweet included a GIF of a winking Jim Halpert from The Office with the caption, “Super excited to be back filming in Vancouver.”

The second tweet appeared to show a part of Supergirl’s boot with the caption, “Super excited.”

And the third tweet included a selfie of Kohli with David Harewood, who plays J’onn J’onnz on the series, with the caption, “Super exc… yeah, you get the idea.”

Nothing’s been officially confirmed, but the meaning behind the tweets seems clear: Kohli is filming Supergirl in Vancouver.

This wouldn’t be Kohli’s first appearance on Supergirl. He previously guest-starred in the Season 2 episode “Ace Reporter” as Jack Spheer, the tech genius ex-boyfriend of Lena Luthor. The character died by the end of the episode.

It’s unclear how the character might return in Season 5. Of course, people have been known to come back from the dead in the Arrowverse, but it’s also possible that Kohli is appearing as someone different.

Supergirl’s fifth season begins on Sundays at 9/8c on The CW. The season premieres on October 6. Legends of Tomorrow returns to The CW in early 2020.

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